Does Peppermint Oil Improve Your Facial Hair Growth?
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Does Peppermint Oil Improve Your Facial Hair Growth?

It’s no surprise that most bearded men today are approaching essential oils to handle all their beard-related stuff. And they do that for multiple reasons because they find that these natural liquids perfectly suit any and even all their beard care needs. Because essential oils, whether alone or mixed with other essential oils, help strengthen, cleanse, enhance growth, and repair beard hair. Another reason is that those men experience hair depletion just because of repetitive contact with the so-called beard-care products filled with harsh chemicals. Now, for you, choosing a single one out of hundreds of essential oils available can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re going to be more specific and true to you and dedicate this short piece of text to Peppermint oil. Yes, using Peppermint essential oil for beard offers up so many quick and long-lasting benefits to your beard as well as all the nourishment, comfort, and luxury it really deserves. Let’s explore how.

Promoting Blood Circulation

Lack of blood supply to any skin area can hinder that part’s growth, nourishment, and vitality. Obviously, the same can go with facial hair. Peppermint oil is reputed for its ability to speed up the blood circulation to the skin underneath the beard and brings more essential nutrients to the area. The result is healthier, denser, and faster beard growth. Also, the oil fastens the hair follicle activity and speeds up their moving towards the growth phase.

Boosting Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)

What the heck is this? Let’s explain right away. IGF is a hormone that the human body produces itself, and its function is to promote normal bone, tissue, and hair growth. And as indicated by research, Peppermint essential oil is such a liquid that helps accelerate the production of this hormone. Now, it makes sense that the more your body produces IGF, the better facial hair growth you’ll be noticing and – enjoying.

Eliminating Skin Conditions

A face prone to acne, dryness, and roughness can never give you the beard of your dream. But Peppermint oil, well, no. Only 100% pure Peppermint essential oil can make this dream come true. By wiping out sebum build-ups and fighting off sebum plugs, the oil helps remove acne on the beard scalp. The oil also helps keep dryness and itchiness away by keeping the scalp moisturized, nourished, and – cool due to its menthol content.

Peppermint Oil’s Connection with Carrier Oils

Though dilution of Peppermint essential oil is a must, why not make this task the icing on the cake? Yes, hair-supporting carrier oils can give your beard an extra lift of quality and volume. Also, make sure you’re choosing a company that offers pure yet super affordable essential oils or carrier oils. Otherwise, blame Peppermint essential oil for not being able to get the job done. Finally, here are our top carrier oils that go awesome with Peppermint oil.

  • Castor Oil – Considered a premium oil to address hair loss and thinning hair, the oil Ensures a better nutrition supply for the hair follicles by enhancing blood circulation to the beard scalp.
  • Argan Oil – This oil moisturizes overly dry beard hair and leaves them to appear smoother, silkier, and softer for long periods.


Peppermint oil is really a blessing for all bearded men. And this rank of the oil is because it gives them a healthier, thicker, and smoother beard by working on most of the beard-growing elements.

Featured Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay