Stages of Beard Growth

The Five Stages of Beard Growth

Well maintained facial hair is a sign of masculinity and is an excellent way of expressing one’s manliness. No wonder, most iconic figures in the entertainment industry grow a beard or a mustache. Beards have since become part of one’s character, but growing a beard takes a lot of effort and patience. For instance, if you’re seeking ways on how to grow a thicker beard, you have to invest in the right products and tools. These include things like beard oil, moisturizers, beard wax, and trimmers. Moreover, visit a professional barber frequently- and of course, that comes at a cost. We will discuss the stages of beard growth and ways to improve growth.

Which is the best nutrition for beard growth?

 Your body requires a variety of nutrients to grow healthy facial hair. Nutrition plays a central role in your hair’s health, and if you want to have a sensual beard, you gotta start eating right. Some of the essential nutrients to incorporate in your diet are;


Consuming the right amounts of protein will boost your hair growth, and this includes beard hair. Include lean protein sources like fish, poultry, eggs, and red meat in your diet. For red meat, take it occasionally and don’t overdo it.

Complex carbohydrates

You not only need sugars to remain healthy and energetic; they are also essential for hair growth. The best carbohydrate-rich foods for beard growth are ones with lots of fibers. Consider whole grains, legumes, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Avoid sugar; it’s not good for your hair and beard; it can cause dry, brittle hair.


Your body needs fats to stay healthy. There are different types of fats; these are saturated and monosaturated fats. Saturated fats come from animal products, and you should avoid or minimize their intake. On the other hand, monosaturated fats are good for your health and encourage beard growth. You can get them from foods like fish, nuts, seeds, and Omega3 fatty acids.


Water is an essential aspect of your diet. Drink enough to stay hydrated and keep your body functioning optimally. Your body needs water to do day-to-day processes, and these include growing facial hair.

On top of proper nutrition, other things to remember are exercising, avoiding stress, and adequate sleep.

What are the stages of beard growth?

There are different stages of beard growth and require varying grooming techniques. Growing a healthy beard necessitates care and upkeep, and you have to keep your follicles in top condition. Cleaning, conditioning, and taming are all part of the process. Check out the growing a beard stages. 

Stage one- The clean-shaven stage

Image by R A from Pixabay

Not much happens in the initial stage or first week of growing a beard. But, lubrication and moisturization are vital components in this stage. Ensure that your skin is in excellent shape before covering it up with hair. Acquire a quality shaving cream, and aftershave lotion, it will help minimize irritation and moisturize your skin.

During this stage, the rate of growth varies from one person to the other. Things that may determine the growth rate include; genetics, hair color, testosterone levels, and how you trimmed your hair follicles during the last shave.

Stage two- Stubble

Stubble beard
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The stubble stage is the most uncomfortable phase. You may start experiencing a thick growth around the chin, and thinner growth on the cheeks. In most cases, this will be uneven, but this shouldn’t bother you. The stage is coupled with beard itch, and many give up easily, others shave the new whiskers due to beard itch. 

What causes beard itch?

Regular shaving: Regular shaving can form sharp edges, which irritate your skin as your beard hair sprouts out. If you must shave, be sure to use the best stubble trimmer.

Dry skin:   As your beard grows, the skin beneath uses up sebum-the natural oil that keeps your skin moisturized, and this results in dry beard skin, which can make you itch.

What can you do about it?  Take this opportunity to acquire a quality beard wash and forget about that facial soap. It will help maintain your facial skin and hair in perfect health, get one that cleans both your beard hair and face.

Stage three- Filling in stage

The moment you reach the one-inch mark, you already have an official beard. But, there’s a lot left to do, and you still have to deal with issues like beard itch and grey patches. Just like in the earlier stages, follicle and skin health are vital. Consider softening your hair, and use beard oil and conditioner. Your mustache also needs trimming and snipping. If you opt not to shave, be sure to cut any stray hairs off your mouth.

Stage four- Full face stage

You’ll probably have a full beard at this stage- most men do anyway. During this stage, you should up your beard grooming routine. Aim for a soft beard, and use beard oil and beard moisturizer. A conditioner will help lock in moisture and avoid unsightly flakes.

Beard oil will help maintain the right skin balance, and this prevents too oily or too dry skin. Also, plan a visit to the barber during this period. They will help define your cheek line and neck, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Once the barber defines the beard shape, you can begin using a beard trimmer at home. Be cautious, though, a simple mistake can force you to shave, and this will derail your efforts.

Also, use oil to keep your beard hydrated and wash your beard two to three times weekly. Use a pair of scissors or trimmer to trim any stray hairs, and know-how to trim a beard.

Stage five- The full Monty

The full Monty beard
Image by Gerhardt1985 from Pixabay

I hope you have already chosen beard styles that fit your facial shape. It’s now time to put together all the beard-growing stages. This stage is all about grooming, and you should maintain your beard daily. Things like washing and conditioning will help maintain healthy under-bead skin. Balm and oils will keep your hair soft and easy to manage.

Final thoughts

Growing a beard comprises various stages, and are all different. You’re likely to face different challenges in all the beard growth phases, but this shouldn’t discourage you. Use the right products and tools and seek advice from a professional barber. Have a grooming routine, and you’ll realize that your efforts were worth it.

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