Understand your Voice on Instagram
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Understand your Voice on Instagram

With the advent of mobile photography, especially iPhoneography at the beginning, and then expanding to all other devices, there has been an increase in those who rise to spiritual judges, indicating what should and what should not be posted, what photography is, and what it is not. If you are in doubt about what to post or what not to post, and if you think that I or someone else has the solution ready for you, then I immediately give you my magic formula: you have the right to take as many photographs as you want, and post what you want in your life while remaining within the rules of the social network itself that do not belong to me. If you want to get free Instagram followers, you need to know Instagram and find your voice.

Sharing space

You have the option to use Instagram as a Public space or as a private space, as explained in this Instagram guide; the choice of preference and the material you want to share is up to you. Instagram is a purely photographic social network, now also expanded to the expression of videos, stories, and that may be in the future it will evolve again.

It is a tool that you can use to express your life, your photography, your art, or what is on your mind. We are not all photographers, or artists, or designers, or rich, famous, or professionals. Your life is yours, and as strange as it may seem to you that I tell you, you have the right to express it however you want. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? It is a difficult question that needs to be explored.

Finding your voice

If you can find your own voice that somehow distinguishes you on Instagram, it is better, and it makes the task a little easier for you in the following suggestions that I will give you. Otherwise, it does not matter. You will find it gradually. If you are a photographer, an artist, or you work in the world of marketing, fashion and design, you probably already have a style, or you will know what to post and how to do it, and that’s okay.

But Instagram is a photographic social network of people, and people have so many different lives and so many stories to tell. So if you don’t know what to post because your life is depressing the moment you read these words, well, share your depression.

Either share your selfies, or share the space you live in, the way you study, the city you walk in, the sport you do, the music you listen to, or what you would like to be, or what you particularly like way. Instagram auto liker without login is an ideal tool.

Instagram followers

Grab your phone or camera if you have one, and take pictures that relate to your life and that express your voice of the moment and that you live now. Now that you know that you can and that it is much more interesting to express your voice on Instagram, let’s see how you can connect with someone who would like to hear what you have to say and who you are.

Make yourself known

One of the first basic and simple rules to understand is that if no one knows you exist, they will hardly be able to follow you, right?

It is, therefore, necessary to make yourself known, to ensure that your profile is seen, and after it has been seen, to ensure that it is followed.

The first basic tips that you can find anywhere rightly indicate you to insert your Instagram address in your business cards or blog, or tell friends, add it to your email signature, and anywhere else you can use to make yourself known.

If your friends don’t know you have an Instagram profile that you want to grow, it’s a lost potential that you can use to your advantage if you want. But it is not mandatory!