Can You Get Compensation in a Sex Abuse Case?

Can You Get Compensation in a Sex Abuse Case?

We all know how common sexual abuse has become in the world we’re living in today. However, this doesn’t just apply to women as recent research has proved that not only women are subject to this kind of abuse, but men as well. Hence, both genders are not safe in this cruel world. Therefore, every individual must know their rights and the current law, which might benefit them or someone they know.

This article will educate you about the compensation you can get in a sex abuse case. Sex abuse refers to any sexual activity imposed on an individual that he or she did not want. It is a heinous crime and must be considered by higher law authorities. 

Children who keep these issues to themselves turn out to be quite disturbed with deteriorated personalities in the future. The statistics regarding children are increasing each day, equating to about 130,000 children being sexually abused each year in the United States. 

If you ever experienced such a monstrous act or know someone going through a tough time because of this reason, do not hesitate to refer them to a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases such as an NYC sexual abuse lawyer. He will help you to claim compensation or punish the abuser according to the enforced law.

These incidents can happen in any society because the world is filled with filthy people, and we cannot get rid of them anytime soon. It can happen to minors, teenagers, or adults of any gender. One must be educated enough to know the proper rights so that he/she can immediately report a sexual abuse claim and receive compensation for any physical or psychological injury.

Such incidents cannot be forgotten easily because they leave a long-lasting impact on the survivors’ minds. You can consult authorities and take their assistance to receive compensation for your sufferings. Although it is a complex process, a firm like the NYC sexual abuse lawyer will handle it easily for you. They ensure their clients’ confidentiality and have their goal to win the case by presenting ample evidence.

List of Compensation You Can Expect for Your Sex Abuse Claim:

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The breakdown of financial compensations has been divided into four parts:

  • Cost of all kinds of physical and psychological injury caused by the abuser
  • Costs for domestic care and continuous medical requirements that may be long-term
  • Non-economic damages, like pain and suffering or emotional and psychological distress
  • Loss of earnings if you’re not able to continue your work after the incident

There have been cases in which the court awarded its victims with exemplary and aggravated damages. Still, it happens only in extreme circumstances when the court wants to make the defendant an example for society.

Once you decide to fight back against the abuser, you’ll automatically find ways to prove them wrong with the evidence. Usually, the compensation claim evidence includes the following:

  • Medical Treatment costs to be used as proof
  • Records of the offender and victim at a specific place where the offense took place
  • A statement signed by the victim that their story is true and accurate without any falsity

Although there are laws of limitations for sexual abuse, which set a time limit at the beginning of the legal proceedings, the crime or offense with a statute of limitations requires claims to be brought in before that particular limit expires.

Therefore, if you want to win any such case, you need to be confident and gear up to find shreds of evidence against the monstrous offender.

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