Ultimate Guide for Buying Diamond Online in Highland Park

Buying diamonds can be challenging since they are pricey and selecting from a wide variety of designs can be confusing. Visit Shira Diamonds, a wholesale diamond dealer in Highland Park so it can make your purchase better. You can choose from a variety of designs and get your diamond at a more affordable price. 

What is the best way to buy a diamond ring?

Before making your purchase you should consider several factors:


Diamond is priced per carat weight. So when buying diamonds you should determine how many carats you will be getting for your diamonds. So you can set your budget, you can check prices of diamonds online so you can have an idea how much to prepare. If you can find a wholesale diamond store then it will be wise to look here since you can save some bucks compared to buying from retail stores.


Each shape has a different price range. Your jeweler can give you specific prices on each shape of a diamond. If you can buy loose diamonds and have them cut according to the shape you desire then you can save more plus you can get a higher quality diamond. 

Color and Clarity

Clarity is an important factor for diamonds since this can affect the durability of the diamond. Opting for loose diamonds can give you higher clarity grades since you can check the overall quality of the diamond compared to mounted ones. As for its color, colorless diamonds are a perfect choice since they are rare. Nearly colorless is good enough to replace colorless diamonds. GHI 0r J color grade of diamond is recommended.

Laboratory Certification 

For each diamond, purchase make sure you get a certificate for your diamond. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) are the two most popular and reputable labs that issue certificates to diamonds. Make sure the certificate given to you is authentic and from a legit laboratory. Certifications contain the details of your diamonds. This can be proof that your diamond is legit and authentic just in case you plan to sell it in the future then you can sell it at a higher amount compared if you don’t have a certificate. 

Diamond Seller

Whether you buy online, in the store, retail or wholesale dealers, you should always consider checking on the credentials of the jewelry store. Buying from a legit store will save you from getting troubles with your diamond in the future. Diamonds are expensive, therefore you have every right to check on the stores you will purchase from. Legit sellers won’t mind you doing a background check on them. 

Do diamonds go up in value?

Values of diamonds don’t increase despite their prices when bought. Only diamonds that are rare and have history can increase value. That’s why before buying diamonds, keep in mind that they are not investments since if you decide to resell them you might get a lower amount than the original price you purchase. Better keep your diamonds instead of reselling them. Passing your engagement ring to the next generation can be better than selling them at a lower price. 

Is buying a diamond ring worth it?

It depends on your purpose, for instance, diamond engagement rings are worth buying since they have a special purpose. If your purpose is achieved then diamond rings are worth it. A diamond engagement ring never fails to serve its purpose. Most women offered with diamond rings gave a big “YES” during the proposal. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as they say. For centuries diamond rings have been used to propose marriage and this tradition is still being practiced now. 

Knowing the ultimate guide for buying diamonds online in Highland Park can help you decide which diamond is worth it for its price. Getting familiar with the factors needed to be considered before buying a diamond can save you time and money. Since you will know which stores to approach and what diamonds to look for. Check on the list of jewelry stores both retail and wholesale in Highland Park and you can compare prices of each store as well as who offers best. Comparing can help you choose the best among them. 

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