How to Make It as a Comedian in Los Angeles

How to Make It as a Comedian in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is notoriously hard on new artists of any type. Whether you’re a comedian cutting your teeth on the Los Angeles streets, or a seasoned pro moving to the city for new opportunities, it can be overwhelming. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Making a living, and then a name for yourself, as a comedian is entirely doable. Here are the simple steps that can help you create a space for yourself as a comedian if you devote yourself to it.

Get a Great Reel

Although comedians aren’t necessarily actors- you still need a good reel. Whether it’s a compilation of clubs you’ve gotten the chance to perform at already or some of your favorite jokes performed in your bedroom:

  1. Work hard on your reel.
  2. Edit it well, or have a professional edit it to help deliver you as an incredible product. When it comes to comedians for hire in Los Angeles, that city has its share of them.
  3. Show what sets you apart.
Make a reel
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Utilize Social Media

You may assume I’m going to say you need Twitter and Instagram so people can get easy access to you- but that’s not all! There are dozens of other ways to get eyes on you before you even step foot into a club.  Tiktok may be banned in the USA, but it was a fantastic way to show off your humor. Several comedians were able to amass over a million followers each on it, giving them more power to find in-person gigs.

Youtube is another heavyweight when it comes to getting people to pay attention to your abilities. You should record your shows (if the clubs will let you) and let people see what you can do. You can also use this platform to interact with other comedians, advertise your shows, and give people a name they’ll seek out for future shows.

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Go To Any Clubs To Start

When you’re new and haven’t performed, say yes to any club that will take you. Don’t pay to perform, but don’t turn down a free gig if you haven’t been on stage yet. It would help if you got out of your jitters. Even if you don’t think you’ll have stage jitters, it gets the best performers if they’re not prepared. Don’t try to score a massive club for your first gig.  Work as many smaller clubs as possible until you have a great original set, and then move forward from there. You can get any club you want as long as you plan it out well in the beginning.

Mingle With Other Comedians (Especially Small Ones)

There’s no telling who will make it big, so it’s good to be friendly with any comedians around you. It can feel a little fake, but doing this means that if they make it big, they might be able to help you blow up too. It’s also good to make genuine comedy friends for your personal life. Comedy can be a lonely and depressing career if you don’t have friends to keep you upbeat. Who knows you may be the one to make it big as a comedian in Los Angeles and you can help your friends move up the ladder.

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