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A Luxury Bus Tour of Los Angeles’s Fashion World

Getting together with girlfriends can make any occasion extra fun, but getting together and renting a luxury charter bus rental can be the perfect way to spend time together, but also check out the fashion world in Los Angeles. There are several different ways to put together a special day involving all of the special women in your life to enjoy a catered trip.

First Things First – Itinerary

What exactly are you wanting to do? You need to ask yourself about how long of an afternoon do you want to plan? Are you hoping to have a lunch or possibly a dinner scheduled before or after your tour of Los Angeles on your charter bus rental?  There are quite a few different possibilities that you can do. You can always plan on meeting up before the actual tour for a lunch. This can be a hosted lunch at your home or you can also meet up at a restaurant. In some cases it is easier to have a catered lunch ready to go, because the fashion tour is going to be exciting and it also is a scheduled event.  So – first thing first, work on getting an itinerary together.

Another factor that needs to be considered is using this type of charter bus service can also be a great way to attend multiple fashion shows at different locations. This is where you need to make a list of all of the different fashion shows and their locations. You may be able to get an itinerary scheduled where you will be able to enjoy multiple fashion shows at a few different locations.

Guest List

Guest List
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The guest list is important, because in order for you to rent the right charter bus – you will need to know how many people you plan on transporting to all of the different events scheduled on your itinerary. You want to be sure that you have the right size of transportation.  Note: always be sure that you check to see if your charter bus is going to have a driver. Most of the time a driver is assigned to a specific type of bus, but this is a question that you will want to ask your Los Angeles charter bus rental company about.

Getting quotes is also highly recommended before you decide that you are going to charter a bus. You want to be sure that you get an accurate quote and you also want to be sure that the mileage is reported accurately. Doing all of this ahead of time makes the day that your adventures began that much easier. You also want to double check with all of your guests to be sure that everyone is on time and knows where they plan on meeting up.

Fashion Show Day

The best part about finally getting ready to enjoy Los Angeles fashion is the day of all the fashion shows. This is the day that you want to get out your best outfit and get ready for a nice day out on the town. You should also check on the weather just in case you are going to wear something that might be too warm if the weather gets hot outside. You also want to be sure that you have all of your accessories in front of you so that you can wear the best looking outfit.

Always be sure that you carry all of your identification in your purse and you always want to have a spare $20 tucked away in a secure location just in case you lose your purse. That is very important, because $20 will help you should you need to get an Uber home. Also, if you are going to do a charter bus to a fashion show – you should always be sure that you know who will be driving after the fashion show. A designated driver is always recommended, especially if you are in a large group of women. Wine tends to flow easier after the first drink which makes for an amazing day, but it is still wise to have another means of transportation after your long day.  Another great way to end the day is by having a nice large meal at a restaurant on your way home. That is a way to relax, but also spend more time with female friends unwinding talking about all of the wonderful fashion that was displayed at all of the events,

Getting together with all of your female friends and enjoying a wonderful day in Los Angeles exploring all of the fashion events and also getting to enjoy checking out all of the scenery in Los Angeles can be done by renting a luxury charter bus.  Your friends and even your female family members will absolutely enjoy the experience of relaxing while writing in first-class style from one event to another.

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