Some Tricks for Users to Get Followers for Free on Instagram
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Some Tricks for Users to Get Followers for Free on Instagram

When most people think of growing their Instagram account and follower base, they think of premium growth services such as Instavast. These offer bots you can buy, tools to make posting more efficient, or account managers to tell you what kind of content to make to attract the most followers.

While these services have their merits, if you need to keep within a budget then you might want to consider ways to get followers for free. Increasing your followers on Instagram for free sounds too good to be true, but know that it is possible. There is no need to pay, and while not as convenient as a premium service it is not completely time-consuming either. If you follow the right strategies then you can forget about buying bots ever again.

Instagram is now one of the most popular social network sites on the planet, with over 1 billion active members monthly. In Italy alone, there are 19 million active users, so there is plenty of room to grow on this social platform.

It all sounds great on Instagram, not least because engagement rates on most social networks are less than 0.1%, but Instagram beats them all.

Whether it’s a big brand or someone who wants to become famous on Instagram, you have to try to reach the stars and become an Instagram “unicorn.” A digital unicorn is that magical and rare creature that does better than all the others. It is the superhero of social media.

Here are 11 tricks to increase Instagram followers. Check out these attention-grabbing ideas and find out what to post to increase free Instagram followers to grow your visibility and user engagement. 

Here you will find the tricks to increase followers on Instagram, which then are not tricks. These are precise strategies, which lead to an increase in real followers without cheating. You have to work, but it can be done. Here is how.

1. Be creative with hashtags

If you really want to increase Instagram followers free, pay close attention to captions. When it comes to Instagram caption ideas, you need to look beyond the obvious and clear hashtags. Sure, you have to use those too, but mix them up and use hashtags to tell some of your stories. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous: never be boring. Here is a list of the best hashtags to use on Instagram.

2. How to increase followers on Instagram with a business profile

It’s nice to create a dedicated hashtag for your company or profile, but who uses it to share content? Make sure it appears in your profile, but take your strategy offline and have it printed on receipts, shop signs (if you have one), wear t-shirts with your unique hashtag when you go to events.

If you use radio and TV advertising, encourage people to use the hashtag. Integrate your online and offline campaigns by making sure it is prominently displayed on your other social media profiles, website, and in your emails. Don’t expect people to find you on their own right away.

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3. To increase real followers, participate

For each post, use a mix of topical hashtags like #woodworking for a woodworking company, for example, as well as super-popular trending and hashtags whenever possible.

Truly specific hashtags are like keywords as they show more intent and help find the right people, but universal trending hashtags or even good old #fun allow you to reach more people in general. It takes both to succeed in a big and noisy social network if you really want to increase Instagram followers and free Instagram likes.

4. Get the most out of your bio

Your Instagram profile is a fundamental element to be exploited well: do you really want the biography to connect only to the home of your site, only this, always, and nothing more? Wrong. Change theme at least every two weeks and use that clickable link in the bio to drive traffic to the latest or most popular content. This will help you increase interest in your profile and increase Instagram followers for free.

Ultimately, if you would like to learn more about how to buy followers Instagram growth platforms such as Upleap offer a wide range of unique packages that you can purchase to give your profile a boost so do take a look at the helpful resources on their website.