Things To Consider When Buying A Hat.

Things To Consider When Buying A Hat

There is no doubt that hats have become one of the most important accessories to own, especially during the summer. This is even more applicable when it comes to the ladies. This is because they serve a practical function in regards to sun protection. And they also allow you to improve upon almost any type of outfit. For instance, you would be surprised just how much custom bucket hats can improve even the most simple and basic outfits. However, it’s no secret that many of us can feel haunted or even frustrated when it comes to putting on hats. Several questions often pop into most people’s heads. For instance, what type of hat should I wear? Or which hat matches with the outfit? These are things to consider when buying a hat.

Luckily enough, this article is here to hopefully answer some of those burning questions that may be bothering you.

How Many Different Types Of Hats Are There?

These days, there are too many different types of hats to choose from. In fact, a few of the ones we mention may not even be familiar to you! This is because, unlike what most may believe, there is so much more to choose from apart from wholesale snapback hats or baseball caps. There are beanies, cowboy hats, fedoras, trilby hats, aviator hats, cloche hats… and so much more. Moreover, they do much more than just act as fevering when you’re having a bad hair day. This is because they also do well to spice up and accentuate any outfit by allowing you to express your personality in more ways than one. In other words, if you manage to put on the right hat, you can bring class and elegance to any look!

How To Pick Out The Correct Hat

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While most people may enjoy putting on a popular hat, you’d be surprised at how many people tend to have the wrong idea about wearing something that suits them. This is because just because a hat is popular and trendy doesn’t mean it will suit your style and face swap as well as it does others. After all, everyone is different, so there will be hats that others can pull off, that you cannot, and vice versa. As such, we decided to put together a few tips on choosing the right hat that perfectly suits you. And also how you should wear your hats.

  • Find The Correct Fit – When buying a hat, it is often recommended that you measure your head’s proportions to help you pick out the right kind of hat when you go shopping. Some hats like baseball caps come with adjustable straps, so you don’t really have to worry about that. However, there are some fitted caps like custom baseball hats, which do not so make sure to take the time to estimate the size of your head is.
  • Find A Hat That Suits Your Face Shape – The shape and size of your face will determine what type of hat will suit you best. If you have a rectangular-shaped face, you would not want to wear a small hat. The reverse is also true. You will not want to wear a large hat if you have a small face. A long face looks great in wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, sunhats, or hats that would reduce the length of your face. Round shaped faces work well with hats that are angular shaped such as a fedora or cloche. A square face works well if floppy or wide-brimmed hats. A heart-shaped face does well in a baseball cap or fedora. If you are lucky to have an oval-shaped face, you can wear just about anything. When buying a hat that fits your face you will happy with your purchase.
  • Stick To Your Personal Style – You should always think about the type of style and clothes you like wearing. After which, you can then pick a hat that fits well with them. For instance, baseball caps tend to look fantastic with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Pick The Right Hat For The Occasion – You should always pick the right hat to fit the right occasion. This is because there are many different hats, and some can be worn to weddings or dinners. Meanwhile, others are solely meant for casual events and wear. So, make sure to keep where you are going in mind before putting on that hat.
  • Keep Functionality In Mind – If you’re heading out to the beach, then you will want a hat that is best suited to keep the sun from your face. This means wearing a hat that offers the most amount of protection, rather than the one that looks to be the most stylish. When buying a hat you can choose from a large selection of hats with sun protection that fits your face shape and size.

Hat Etiquette

Most people who are just getting into hat wear may not know this. But there is an etiquette that should also be followed when wearing hats. For example, always remember to remove your hat when indoors. Most especially in official places, like churches. This also includes when sitting at the dinner table. However, when it comes to women, the opposite applies. They typically do not have to remove their headwear indoors. But it is still respectful to do so, especially if it’s a casual hat like a baseball cap, for instance.

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