The Silicon Forest: How Portland’s Tech Scene Is Driving Relocations

Portland is one of the emerging tech hubs in America. It is driving relocations because companies that would have opened in Seattle or San Francisco are moving to Portland because it is not so crowded. Plus, the city has welcomed the tech industry with tax breaks and incentives. Also, young tech experts are moving to Portland to get married and start families under the tranquil beauty of this city. Continue reading to learn how this city has changed the way the tech industry is growing.

The Tech Industry Are Exploding In Portland

Tech companies in Portland are growing so fast that they can barely keep up. These companies need to hire as many people as they can, and they are pulling for a large talent pool because they can hire people online. Someone who went to college across the country can move to Portland to start with a young company, and experienced people who want to move to the west coast can try Portland.

Portland is a smaller major city. The traffic is not bad in this area, and you can live in the countryside while commuting to the city with ease.

Portland Needs As Many Californians As It Can Get

California is getting overcrowded because of all the companies that have opened in Silicon Valley. These Californians bring the experience to Portland which is highly sought after. A company that is trying to grow will need people who already have tech industry experience, and that is why Portland wants as many Californians as possible to move up north.

Taxes Are Lower

Taxes are lower for just about everything when you move to Portland. The state of Oregon charges fewer taxes, and the city has lower taxes overall. If you move into a neighboring county that is filled with rural homes, farms, and orchards, you will pay very little in property tax compared to your home in California.

Because the cost of living is lower than in other large cities, Portland is a good place to start a family. Plus, you can get a very good job that will pay very well. People who are moving to Portland know that they can make a lot more money than they would back home, and they will pay less for their home, their taxes, and daily expenses.

Moving To Portland Is Simple

Suddath Portland local movers ensure that you can move into your home quickly and easily. You can move to your home without any trouble, and you will get the assistance you need if you are moving your large family.

The movers that you work with will put all your items where they need to go, and the movers will ensure that your home is unpacked before they leave. You can get settled in Portland very fast, and you can get your family plugged into the community.

In contrast, other states like California are very busy, and it is hard for your family to get settled when you move there. That is why the new Silicon Forest in Portland is so attractive to young tech professionals, and it also helps these people have a social life without being overwhelmed by a hectic culture.


The Silicon Forest in Portland is helping people move to the beautiful and tranquil coast of Oregon. Tech companies can set up in this city, spend less money on overhead, and ensure that they can pay their employees a fair wage. If you are looking for a good job in the tech world, you might try Portland. Plus, you can find an amazing mover who will help you get settled in your home as quickly as possible.

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