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Our Favorite Celebrity Perfumes of 2018

There will probably never be a time in history when both men and women don’t want to see what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Not only are the clothes on their body, the color of their hair and the makeup and jewelry they wear important, but everyone wants to know what fragrances they wear as well. That may be as ‘up close and personal’ as they’ll ever get to stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and so, if you are wondering what our favorite celebrity perfumes of 2018 are, you’ve come to the right place!

Agent Provocateur Fatale

Speaking of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, this is one fragrance which both ladies wear religiously. In fact, they not only wear the fragrance, but have also been seen sporting Agent Provocateur swimwear by this trendy fashion house and are about the next best things to being ambassadors for Agent Provocateur as you can get without being official ambassadors! Check out this article from an Australian news source to see what the girls are wearing!

Beyoncé’s Line of Fragrances

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Of course, this multi-talented star wears her own fragrances she’s developed along with an expert perfumer, but the layers and tones are truly unique to all that Beyoncé embodies. You can shop authentic perfumes at Maple Prime, among which are the amazing scents created by (and for) Beyoncé at prices highly discounted. After all, you probably don’t make the money Beyoncé does, so to make it affordable, this father and son online retailer make it possible for ordinary ladies like you and me to buy the fragrances our favorite celebrities wear.

Lest We Forget the Gentlemen!

We are living in an age when it’s totally acceptable and even PC for men to wear and promote their favorite scents. Even the most manly of men love a good fragrance as is clearly evidenced by the line of sports scents like Adidas Team Force, Team Five and Victory League. Then there are the NBA men’s colognes such as NBA Boston Celtics and NBA New York Knicks. Wouldn’t you like to get up close and personal with these men who excel on and off the court? If anyone knows athletes, it would be Adidas.

A Word About What Celebrities Look For

It would be an all day event to list what all your favorite celebrities are wearing, but the bottom line is always going to be quality. You will rarely find a celeb wearing a fragrance you can purchase at any local Walmart or Rite Aid store, and if you do happen to come across a chain of stores that carry trendy designer fragrances, it’s likely they’ll be stores like Nordstrom’s where you’ll pay top dollar for those perfumes, colognes and body sprays.

Why not check out online sources where you can find the best deals because the middle man (retail store) has been knocked out of the picture? You can often find the trendiest fragrances for the lowest price and so you can smell just as good as your favorite star without paying an arm and a leg. What are your favorite stars wearing? Chances are the only way you can afford those perfumes and colognes is to find discounted products online. That’s almost guaranteed!

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