Check Out Why Tasmania Is One of the Hottest 2020 Travel Destinations

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If you want to experience the breathtaking landscapes and the most crystal clear water that you will ever see, Tasmania is the best place you can go to. It is a great place to get amazing Instagram pictures of beaches and mountains. These are some of the hottest and different 2020 travel destinations you can visit. 

Scenic Flights over Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

There are not a lot of places that will be able to beat this amazing view. There are two options that you can go with. The first one is to take an amazing hike to the top of Mt. Amos, where you can take the most beautiful scenic pictures ever. If you are not really a fan of sports activities, you can go with the second option, which is a more luxurious option, and that is booking yourself a scenic flight. 

Tasmania Camping
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Kick Back and Relax in the World’s Most Spectacular Bathtub

If you are constantly on social media and you want to go off the grid for a couple of days, this is the best option you can go for. This private rental in Tasmania offers you that isolation and, of course, an awesome Instagram worthy open-air bathtub

Amazing Lavender Fields, Bridestowe Estate

If you are interested in visiting really scenic places, don’t miss out on the breathtaking lavender fields that are located at Bridestowe Estate in the North part of Tasmania. The best time you can visit is during the months of January and February when the lavender is usually blooming. 

Lavender Fields
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Enjoy The Golden Hour At The Hazards, Freycinet National Park

The Hazards are located inside of the Freycinet National Park, which is consisted of a chain of mountains. The best time to go is to be there for the famous golden hour, which will make your pictures that much more magical and your experience there will surely be magical. 

Enjoy the Breathtaking Bay of Fires

There is nothing more magical when the name of a place matches to it. This bay truly looks like it is alive with fire. It is located beside the ocean on the East Coast of Tasmania. It is only a short drive from the town of St Helens. This visit is the best way to finish your adventure through Tasmania. 

Bay of Fires
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The Magical Tulip Farm, Table Cape

If you are thinking about visiting the extremely photogenic Tasmania during October, be sure to take some time to visit the magical Bloomin’ Tulips Festival. That is a festival where you can experience the tulip farm come to life. It is located on the Northwest Coast of Tasmania. 

Have Fun at Cradle Mountain National Park

This is one of the hottest and most popular attractions that Tasmania has. Therefore the visit to the Cradle Mountain National Park is a must if you want to get some Instagram worthy pictures. There are a lot of things you can do while visiting like calming scenic walks or the multi-day trek. 

Cradle Mountain
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Glamp at the Overland Track

Doing scenic walks through Cradle Mountain is one thing, but getting to experience the vast landscape of the wilderness is a whole new thing. You can choose to camp out in public huts or go with a more luxurious option and glamp at the Cradle Mountain Walk Huts.

Visit the Tessellated Pavement

There are many hidden gems that you can run in while visiting Tasmania, but one of the best and hottest gems is the tessellated pavement. It is located in the Eagle Hawk Neck region. This Tasmanian gem is one of the most visited attractions. 

Relax at the “World’s Best Boutique Hotel”

Saffire Freycinet is the most famous luxury resort that was given the nickname world’s best boutique hotel. When you are staying there, you are getting the whole luxurious treatment. You are getting fancy six-course meals and an all-inclusive mini-bar that’s free. 

The Famous Museum of Old & New Art 

This museum is super artsy and popular. The inside of the museum is filled with quirky, controversial, and sometimes really crazy exhibitions. It’s really popular amongst young adults and teens. The great thing that it’s making it even cooler is that if you are a Tasmanian, you can enter the museum for free. 

Bruny island
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Go on an Adventure on Bruny Island

If you are adventurous and like diving and enjoying the scenic rides, choosing to go on a self-drive through Tasmania is the best option for you. It is a short drive from a place named Hobart, and that makes it the perfect getaway for relaxing. Bruny Island has some of the most picture-worthy wild beaches and wildlife. You can experience the breathtaking sunrise if you hike up to the Truganini Lookout and take some romantic photos. 

Visit the Luxurious Satellite Island

Satellite Island is a beautiful tiny private island. It is one of the most luxurious accommodations that Tasmania has to offer. It is a secret place, and most locals are not even aware that it exists. 

Tasman Arch
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Enjoy the Nature at the Tasman Arch

Tasmania is the best proof of how wild and amusing nature can be. The best way to experience the magical nature of Tasmania is by doing a road trip. The most amazing part is the Tasman Arch that is located in the Southern Peninsula, close to the Eaglehawk Neck region. You can turn your mind off and follow the signs that will lead you to some of the most breathtaking places you will ever see. 

Play Some Golf on one of the World’s Most Picturesque Courses

This scenic golf course is located in the North of the state. Barnbougle Lost Farm is a really popular course for people who fly in private jets and need a pit stop. But you don’t need to fly in a private jet to be able to play golf here. It is a great place to take some fun photos and enjoy the amazing view. 

Mount Wellington
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Stand On Top Of The Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is located in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania. It easy to say that it is one of the most impressive and photogenic places to admire the beauty of the city. There is nothing more satisfying than being on an amazing lookout and seeing the whole city.  

Go On A Fun Journey To Strahan

Because it is on the farthest western part of Tasmania, it is not really the easiest place you can visit. But if you decide to go on the journey, it will definitely pay off because you will be welcomed into the cutest port towns you will ever see. It has some of the most Instagram worthy beaches you can explore or take a nice and relaxing scenery ride on the luxury train. This journey will take you to touch untouched and luscious wilderness that will make you feel like you are on the edge of the world. 

This is a list of some of the hottest destinations that you can visit in Tasmania. There are many things and places where you can relax and enjoy this magical island because of its breathtaking white-sand beaches to mountain peaks. So take enough time in 2020 to experience all that Tasmania has to offer.

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