8 Tips for Avoiding Blemishes During Workouts

8 Tips for Avoiding Blemishes During Workouts

Working out is one of the best things you can do for your skin. It opens up your pores and helps get rid of harmful toxins from your body. It is also a great way to de-stress and relax after a long day’s work. But as advantageous as it is, working out can also lead to blemishes if you are not careful. You sweat during workouts, and if your face has a layer of dirt and bacteria, it can mix with your sweat and clog your pores. This will create a build-up of oil and cause pimples, dermatitis, and even severe acne in the long run. So if you want to work out and still remain blemish-free, you should have a plan. Here are 8 Tips for avoiding blemishes during workouts.

1. Take a shower before and after workouts

Before you start any of your workouts, it is important that you take a shower. Remember that blemishes during workouts are caused by clogged up pores. During a long day, your face and body would most likely be exposed to a lot of bacteria, dust, and grime. You would not even notice it. That is until you start working out, and your pores will start to open up, and the bacteria, dead skin, and other harmful things will start clogging up your pores. Not showering before a workout can also cause body odor. The bacteria in your clothes and your unwashed body can contribute to body odor. It is also important that you take a shower after workouts. This will allow you to wash off the sweat and any dead skin and bacteria that you could have accumulated during your workouts. 

2. Use the right makeup

Although it is not really advisable to use makeup during workouts, there may be times that you will need to look your best during workouts. You might be trying to catch someone’s eye, or you just want to look great during workouts. If you do need to use makeup, you should use the waterproof variation. That way, it won’t cake up and cover your pores. The same goes for the lipstick you use. Before you choose a lipstick, you should understand the lipstick making process. By knowing the materials and the type of lipstick making machine being used, you will know the product you are using. Overall, if you are going to use makeup during workouts, you should do your research. 

3. Use sunscreen when you go out for a run

Use sunscreen
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Although having a tan can make your skin look incredible, it can also be very harmful in the long run. Too much sun exposure can cause sunburns. They cause the skin to darken and are extremely painful. Sunburns can also cause skin cells to die and even develop cancer. So before you go out for a run or do any activity outside, make it a habit to put some sunscreen on. You can also use long-sleeved shirts and sun visors for protection. 

4. Don’t touch your face

When you’re working out, you should never touch your face. Remember that a lot of people have used the gym equipment before you. Not to mention the number of bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms that cover the gym. When you work out, always bring a hand sanitizer with you. This will help you clean your hands and forearms of bacteria and dust to avoid blemishes during workouts. 

5. Bring a clean towel

It always pays to bring a clean towel during workouts. It will allow you to wipe off the sweat from your body and wash your hands after sanitizing them. Just remember that you don’t leave it lying around the gym. It might fall to the floor, or even worse, someone else might use it. This would render the towel useless to you during the workout. Instead, you should have it close at hand for ease of use. 

It would be best to use workout towels widely available online or in physical towel stores. Find a store that offers different sizes of good quality sports or gym towels. For instance, you can conveniently order affordable products online at this company. 

6. Don’t forget to moisturize after workouts

After you take a shower, it is important that you moisturize. Remember that when you wash your face, you are stripping your face of moisture. This may cause your skin to dry up, and this makes it more susceptible to oiliness, which can develop into pimples in the long. So in order to prevent this from happening, you will need to regularly moisturize your face.

7. Use alcohol-free toners

Before you use moisturizers, you should first use a toner. This will prepare your skin for the moisturizer. But when you choose a toner, you should really choose one that is non-alcoholic. Alcohol tends to dry and age the skin. So if you don’t want your skin to age prematurely, it is best that you use the alcohol-free variation. 

8. Never reuse old gym clothes

There might be times that you’ve run out of clean workout clothes. But you still want to work out. So you are tempted to wear your used gym clothes. What’s the harm, right? They already dried up, and they don’t smell bad at all. Anyways you are still wearing deodorant, so there’s no danger of smelling bad. Little do you know that there might be bacteria in your old clothes already. 

Remember that sweat and dirt are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you use dirty gym clothes, you are exposing yourself to these bacteria. When you work out, your sweat may get mixed in with these bacteria. If you wear your hoodie or headband, during workouts, you expose your skin to harmful bacteria. Even worse, by using unwashed clothes, you can also develop body odor or even get sick. So do yourself a favor and use clean clothes during your workouts.


Working out should always be a part of your health regimen, but you should also make skincare a part of your daily routine. Vibrant and clear skin is also a clear indicator of good health. So make your skincare a priority. You will want to follow these guidelines for avoiding blemishes during workouts.

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