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3 ways that are bound to make you feel more ALIVE

1. Begin your adventure in the online casino world

Why on earth would you play online rather than in a real, offline casino? Well, first and foremost it’s definitely way more convenient. Let’s be honest, when you are at home sitting in your comfortable spot on your couch, there’s a lot of inertia to overcome in terms of getting up and driving somewhere. What’s more there are so many more promotions and bonuses on online casinos! A pro-tip would be to make use of all the free spins and sign up bonuses before you need to make your deposit. Are you a beginner? Then this amazing benefit is for you! Online casinos actually give you the chance to play and practice games for free before playing the real deal. So fear not! You can keep playing until you think you got the hang of it. The majority of test drives are free meaning you may not even have to place a deposit. Get hyped, because when new games are released, you can test it out to see if the slot is right for you. Another recommendation would be to ‘bet max’. This is because having mulitple paylines when you bet max allows you to cash out big on multiple winnings. Put these tricks to the test today!

Many online casinos have a amazing welcome packages that you can maximise without even making a deposit. For example, for Megareel, the top online slot website with a whopping 95% payout, new players get 500 free spins! In fact, Mega Reel Casinos is famous for their highly popular unique bonus which is featured in all Jumpman Gaming’s online casinos. Over 400+ online slot and casino games are available for your entertainment. With so many exciting themes to choose from and new ones being released regularly, we promise you would be spoilt for choice! Assist the vikings in Vikings Bezerk or trek through the Amazonian jungle in Gonzo.  Cashback bonus spins, amazon vouchers and seasonal offers would just sweeten the deal and satisfy your craving to play somemore. You could even stand a chance to win £75,000 on a single spin! Jackpots can go up to £50 Million each month. To get that adrenaline going, why not hit up your favourite “old-school” table games, such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. It is time to push your skills and intuition to their limits! Other bonuses include the VIP loyalty program.

Overall, according to Casinopedia, the customer service is highly responsive, user-friendly website. So you know you are in for a good overall experience that would shock you back to life!

2. Go on a digital detox and experience nature

Digital detox
Image credits: Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

How restless our minds are in this digital age! We get so caught up in our own private concerns that we hardly take the time to appreciate our serene surroundings. A quote by John Muir said that the content of the human soul contains the whole world. According to him, immersing yourself in nature allows the body to vanish and the freed soul goes abroad. The true purpose of experiencing nature is to broaden our horizons, allowing us to reflect on realities beyond our egoistic self. By consciously taking in the vast horizons, beautiful chirping songbirds, and the fresh scent of morning dew, we can truly be humbled.

When people are at peace and receptive, nature would reveal insights and inspirations that could help you gain self-enlightenment. So it’s time to take that hike you have always been wanting to go on, trek up some mountains and run free in the fields! Better yet, do it while its raining! With water rhythmically pouring down on you, you’ll definitely come alive!

3. Do something out of your comfort zone

“A whole new world, don’t you dare close your eyes.” The lyrics of this classic Aladdin song rings true, so why not do some exploring? One of the most interesting ways of gaining inspiration is doing an activity out of your comfort zone. In fact, it is scientifically proven that when people practice a new skill they are learning, the denser the white matter in their brains becomes. White matter improves your performance on accomplishing tasks. This in turn helps them learn more efficiently. Hence, learning a new skill helps you learn things more quickly over time. Besides learning new skills, you can also embark on a new experience to draw information. It’s just like your designer high-tea patisserie baker that drew inspiration from artists, resulting in Picasso inspired desserts. If you are an actor, go to the museum, if you are an architect, visit the zoo, the possibilities are endless. There is no doubt that these new experiences would draw out your creativity by inspiring you to perceive the world differently.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

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