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Five Tips for Looking Your Best in Photographs

The majority of photos that will be taken during your lifetime won’t be done by a professional photographer. That means you’re on your own when it comes to what to wear, where to take pictures, and what kind of pose you should try. No wonder so many of us swipe through the pictures we have taken and are less than impressed!

Just because you don’t have a professional photographer on your side all the time doesn’t mean there aren’t a few quick and easy things you can to do make sure you always look your best in photographs.

Use the Right Camera

Right Camera

The first tip is to use the right camera. It isn’t always possible if someone else is taking pictures, but if you’re traveling or taking pictures of the family, it pays to have a good camera. That means leaving the cell phone in your pocket.

You don’t necessarily need a big, bulky, professional camera. “With the ability to shoot in RAW, longer zooms, faster operation, better low-light capabilities, or simply better ergonomics, there’s still a good reason to buy a compact digital camera.”

A high quality, compact digital camera will simply leave you with higher quality images at the end of the day, which can only increase your chances of looking great in your photos.

Wear Clothing You Feel Great In

There are a lot of tips a professional photographer provides to their subjects when it’s time to take pictures. A few include:

  • Wearing solid colors
  • Keeping jewelry simple
  • Choosing a top with sleeves

Those are stringent rules to follow if you’re out there living your life, and you just want to make sure you look great in photos. Instead, follow a simpler rule—wear clothing you feel great in.

Discomfort can easily come through in your photos. No matter what you’re wearing, you’ll look your absolute best if you’re wearing something you feel great in. Whether that’s a maxi dress, a suit, or bracelets up to your elbows, you’ll look like the best version of yourself wearing the things you love.

Don’t Overdo the Makeup

Many women make the mistake of thinking that more makeup is better. After all, it can cover up your imperfections so the camera can’t see them. Unfortunately, it can do much worse.

Too much foundation can look cakey, the wrong lipstick can make your lips look cracked and old, and the wrong eyeshadow can make you look like a clown. That’s because the flash of a camera can make you look very different than the way you looked in the mirror on your way out of the house.

There are many tips out there on how to do your makeup the right way, but in general, less is more. Makeup that makes it look like you aren’t really wearing a lot of makeup in the first place always looks best in photos.

Practice Your Pose

Do you ever wonder why celebrities always look great in photos? Of course they have a team of makeup artists and stylists behind their look, but they always look slim and trim because they know how to pose.

Getting your pose right for photos is a lot harder than it sounds! First, determine your body type and figure out what poses would be best for you. Then, practice those poses in the mirror.

Choose a pose you like the best and make it your go-to pose for pictures. The idea is to choose a pose and practice it enough that it becomes second nature. That way you can quickly and easily get into formation whenever someone says they want to take a picture.

Choose the Right Background

Choose the Right Background

You’re the focal point of the image, but that doesn’t mean what’s in the background can’t make or break your picture. Choosing where you take pictures can make a big difference.

Don’t think that means some places are bad and some are good. It just means being creative. Even the ugliest places offer unique opportunities for a great shot.

For example, if you’re out to dinner, instead of taking a picture of everyone sitting at the table, ask everyone to stand up. It’s a great way to get more of the people in the image, and less of the stuff that’s on the table.

Seeing a bad photo of yourself can be so embarrassing! Lessen the likelihood of dealing with bad photos of yourself by trying the tips on this list and you’ll start looking forward to having your picture taken!

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