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Your Complete Guide to Reversing All Signs of Aging

The effects of aging can’t be avoided, and eventually happens to everyone. That doesn’t mean that all of the visual effects are part of the package. To look as young as possible, you have to put in the work needed to fit the role. This guide covers tips that are anti-aging for both looks and physical prowess.

12. Start Early

No matter what your age is, skincare is something that is never too late. Healthy-looking skin comes from upkeep, so it is possible to look younger simply by practicing repetition. Find out what skin type you have and get the appropriate products. Oily skin is prone to blockage while dry skin has issues with peeling. Get the products you need, and if possible, get on a subscription plan so that you never have to worry about running out. Skincare products that offer subscription plans ensure that your most favored items are in stock. This isn’t a new thing, so take a look at some of the more established products in the industry, like Dark Spot Diminisher which reduces dark spots and skin discoloration. You can even find a Dark Spot Diminisher coupon online to help reduce the cost!

11. See A Dermatologist


There are people that have gone their entire lives without seeing a dermatologist. Skin problems develop early, and when untreated can lead to bigger skin problems. Pimples can leave indents in your face that only cosmetic surgery can remove. Areas of your face with small bumps may be the first to show signs of wrinkles when you get older. Adult acne is a big deal, even if it is small bumps. Get it checked out, and while you’re there gain some insight into skincare from a professional. It’s a trip to the doctor that promises to showcase a lot of information that is important to your daily routine.

10. Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are tasty, but most of the time they are full of sugar. There have been several news stories about the effects of carbonated drinks and skin problems. Sugar and AGE’s can wreak havoc across your face, dehydrating the skin instead of nourishing it like water. In an almost comical twist, there is an alternative skincare routine of splashing sparkling water on your face to clear it up. The best thing to take away from this is that sugary carbonated drinks are bad, so stick to the simple bubbles. Having a coke here or there won’t hurt, but it also shouldn’t be the top thing on your list.

9. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Suntan lotion, sunscreen, hats, an umbrella- they all do their job in blocking out harmful sun rays. Baking in the sun has harmful effects all around, and can even cause skin cancer. This is something that flies under the radar when discussing non-modern tanning solutions. Baking in the sun without protection will damage the skin beyond repair. Always stay prepared by carrying some type of protection on your person. Getting caught out in the sun will harm the skin, and if you stay out too long there is a chance of sunburn. Workers that have to deal with the heat all day should use proper protection to block out sun rays. If the damage has reached an alarming level, take the time to learn more about facelift surgery.

8. Never Fall Asleep With Makeup On

Even if it is a little mascara, sleeping with makeup is the easiest way to clog pores. Covering up unsightly pimples only serves to clog up the area and irritate the spot. Covering wrinkles with makeup only makes the wrinkles more noticeable. Unless you are a makeup expert, it’s hard to escape the porcelain look when trying to cover up wrinkles. The key is to work around the spot instead of directly on it. A pack of disposable wipes should be kept on your nightstand for convenience. That way, if you forget to remove makeup you don’t even have to leave your bed. As a side note, the more makeup you apply to your face, the more likely you will do skin damage.

7. Look Into Carb Light Diets

If you’re currently overweight, going on a carb-light diet will work wonders. One of the things that come with old age is a loss of firmness in the skin. Arm and neck fat becomes more noticeable and harder to get rid of as you get older. When you’re overweight, it becomes so pronounced that it is hard to ignore. Clothes are the only way to cover it up, and even after toning your body, there is an issue with loose skin. Carb light diets are good for the skin and can lessen the effects of that looseness. This is a lot better than going on a crash diet and losing so much weight that surgery is the only option to get rid of loose skin.

6. Take Necessary Supplements For Your Age

The supplements that you took when you were younger don’t cover the current needs of your older body. This is indicated by the difference in vitamins needed as bodies age. Take age-appropriate vitamins and minerals, especially fish oil to help with skin. There are some noticeable side effects of taking vitamins that don’t align with your current age group. One of them is a need to use the bathroom, but not being able to go. Another side effect is dry skin due to your body getting confused by an overabundance of a specific supplement. Multivitamins will have you covered, and clearly label their intended use so you know that it’s compatible. Furthermore, you might also want to consider introducing other natural products such as CBD into your daily routine. There is a lot of research out there to suggest that CBD can be useful for treating age-related issues. Products like Gold Bee CBD oil for example can potentially aid sleep and mental agility while reducing inflammation, pain, and stress.

5. Medicinal Mushrooms Are The Real Deal

This may come as a huge surprise, but medicinal mushrooms have proven benefits to fight aging. Like all other anti-inflammatory products, it fights aging at the core level. Medicinal mushrooms are not as crazy as they sound, and are available as supplements. The story behind the supplement is an interesting one and took place on the island of Okinawa. Several of the residents were well into their hundreds and looked great. Part of their attainable age had to do with a great diet of fresh vegetables, with the largest part of that routine being the Shitake and Reishi mushroom. All of this may sound farfetched, but there is no denying the health benefits of eating vegetables. That combined with regular island life was a natural anti-aging formula.

4. Invest In Anti-Aging Foods

Outside of the specialty mushrooms, there are plenty of foods that are made to fight age. Unsurprisingly, they consist of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. There are lots of colors in the mix, with green being the dominant one for the most benefits. Watercress and papaya are at the top of the list, providing a ton of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Anti-aging foods are often called superfoods, but it is a good idea not to get wrapped up in the hype. To make your skin and your body look better, invest in food that is good for you- there is nothing super about that.

3. Sleep!

Get your eight hours, and throw in some naps if possible. Sleep is the one thing that people often neglect, and it is the first thing that leads to several chronic problems. Heavy bags under your eyes will refuse to go away at a later age if you neglect sleep. Your skin will look dull, pale, and lifeless. Without a chance to recharge its battery, the body can’t fight age in a natural way. By avoiding a normal amount of sleep, you are quite literally aging yourself at a faster rate than other people.

2. Keep Your Mind Busy

Stress leads to erratic sleep and dietary habits, and both are bad for the aging process. People that age horribly are usually under a lot of stress. It shows in their frown lines, the tired look in their eyes, and the way they move. Take the time each day to have a moment, even an hour to just unwind. Find something that brings you joy and get lost in it. This seems like simple advice but refer to tip #3 in the guide to see why it is necessary. High-stressed individuals aren’t known for getting a good night’s rest.

1. Exercise Your Body

Exercise Your Body

Have you ever seen those seniors running in the park that look like they’re fifty, but it turns out they’re seventy-five? Exercise does the body well from head to toe. People that stay in good shape are more likely to age better and avoid a physical wall. This includes their mentality, physical appearance, and overall zest for life. Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk mile walk each day for someone of advanced age. Those few steps you take each day could make a huge difference in your physical appearance.

Wrap Up

Never give up! There are always options to restore vitality and beauty. The best thing you can do is to keep up with the routine and force the aging process to fight your good habits. It’s never too late to be healthy, so get started today.

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