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My husband and I share the love of travel. We make it a goal to experiment with different locations and resorts but there is one that keeps drawing us back – The Four Seasons Maui in Wailea.

We recently made our way back to try out their Wellness Your Way Program and it was EXACTLY what we needed to relax, connect with each other, and to leave the outside world behind.

Upon arrival, our FIRST stop was the GORGEOUS Serenity Pool. I could get LOST staring at the view from the pool all day!I would have been fully complete with daily visits here ?

BUT, there was more…

The Four Seasons Maui is located along the beautiful Wailea cost of Maui (shhhh…don’t tell anybody, but they get the best weather!).

A gorgeous scenic walk is just footsteps away. Each morning and afternoon we went for a stroll along the coast.

There are so many areas to walk, run, climb around, take photographs, or simply just sit and watch and think.

It was time to dive into “Wellness Your Way” the Four Seasons Resort carefully curated a program that includes energy-focused spa treatments, culinary dishes and fitness classes – available on an a la carte basis and recommended under the guidance of the Resort’s wellness expert.
They offer several options (descriptions taken direct from their wellness your website HERE)

Each day, we are exposed to harmful toxins. The air we breathe, the food we consume, and the products we use, build up and impact our overall health.

In this program, their wellness experts craft an itinerary to assist you in hitting the “reset” button to increase energy, reduce cravings and lower stress

In this program, regardless of where you are on your path, their wellness experts will craft an itinerary of treatments and activities that will lead you to a new lifestyle that promises long-lasting effects.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, weekend warrior or are just beginning to explore your potential, their wellness experts will help you achieve your greatest self.

In this package, their  wellness experts lead you on a path to calm and stillness of mind by customizing a program that will connect you to a deep sense of tranquility.

I chose, with the nudge of my husband “inner peace your way”

My Experience…

My first day started with a two hour inner clarity session with Dr. Deborah Greene, PHD- Mind Body Medicine Specialist. I was told this session would calm my emotions and clear my mind.

I was a little nervous entering our session but as we sat in a hut hearing the waves crash. Her entire sense of being was so calming. Just being WITH her instantly put any fear I had to ease.

We set an intention (mine was to be able to stop my thoughts from always spinning).

Through muscle testing, holistic techniques, tapping acupressure and coaching we dialed in my intention and we went to work!

Everything was done via closed eye mediation and I left our session feeling very clear, calm and focused. My energy and clarity soared for the next few days.

According to Dr. Greene, “The role of the mind in health and wellness cannot be overestimated,” she says.

“The new biology tells us that, ultimately, our thoughts control our bodies and control our lives. Yet many people struggle to get a grip on what goes on inside their heads, so providing guests with proven tools, tips and techniques that can help them clear their mind is very empowering.

You can either learn to control your mind, or your mind is going to control you.”

She continues on to share that “Many people vacation in order to relax and get away from it all, but find that they take their stresses with them,” she says. “By focusing on the mental and emotional levels, my sessions can provide inner peace and help give the mind a much-needed break.”

Day Two we met with Dr. Mark Emerson – Clinical Nutritionist and Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Mark D. Emerson is a chiropractic physician, author, and internationally recognized professional speaker who specializes in Nutrition Based Lifestyle Medicine and natural treatment methods for patients of all ages.

His successful, clinically-proven protocols help to empower people to live healthier by preventing, reducing and resolving chronic progressive health issues and diseases. We had a great chat with him about his stance on nutrition, which I loved — very similar to mine in that you should unprocess your diet! He also offers some other services you may find of interest.

The afternoon continued with seriously the BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD.  Seriously, I had an Ayurvedic massage that was AMAZING!

Our food during our trip was outstanding! We ate so much yummy and healthy food throughout our stay. The highlight of the trip was a dinner with CRAIG DRYHURST.

EXECUTIVE CHEF . Dryhurst was Trained in a classical fashion, Dryhurst worked in a number of five-star kitchens in London, France, the East Coast and Vancouver before coming to Four Seasons Resort Maui in 2014 as Executive Sous Chef.

A supporter of the farm-to-table movement, Dryhurst recently put his creative skills to work in a rollout of the Resort’s Wellness menu, launched as part of the Wellness Your Way spa and nutrition program, offering coordinated menus in each restaurant.

Born in Edmonton, London, UK, Dryhurst grew up in a small town called Stevenage.  As a child, he worked alongside his father who was a keen gardener growing vegetables and assorted berries.  Visits to family in Northern Ireland also cemented his appreciation for recreating locally-flavoured dishes and globally-inspired food.

Dryhurst has had a long culinary career, starting with his work in a series of celebrated London hotels including The Langham, Claridges, The Lanesborough and The Goring.  On the French Riviera, he practiced his craft at the famed Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat (now a Four Seasons hotel).

In 2002, he joined Four Seasons Hotel Boston as Chef de Partie, and spent time in its restaurants and banquet operation. He returned to his homeland in 2006, where he worked at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, where he re-branded its restaurant, YEW, as a sustainable seafood concept alongside Chef Ned Bell.

In 2014, he joined Four Seasons Resort Maui, where he has made a strong positive impact in its restaurants – DUO Steak and Seafood and Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante – and his creativity, hands-on approach, humor and never-ending enthusiasm are inspiring his culinary team to new levels.

“I’m most passionate about the desire to create beautiful food from great ingredients. Knowing where your food comes from is as important as putting it on the plate.”

Our meal was SO amazing. Even more amazing was listening to how he described the items we were testing out! It was evident the passion and love that goes into his creations. Below are some of the amazing foods we experienced including recipes for two of our FAVORITES

Chickpea Socca Flatbread

Sweet Tomatoes, Maui Onion, Thyme, Herb Salad, White Balsamic

Garbanzo Socca Dough


1 cup garbanzo flour
1 cup water
1 ½ tbsp EVOO


  1. Mix together the flour, water and olive oil and mix well knocking out any lumps. Leave to rest for 30 mins.
  2. Heat a nonstick pan to a medium high heat and spray lightly with pan spray. Cook the chick pea batter into desired thickness until golden on both sides.
  3. Remove from the pan and chill.

Cashew Sour Cream


1 1/2 cups (225 g)   raw cashews, soaked
3/4 cup (190 mL)   water
2 tablespoons          fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons             apple cider vinegar
Scant 1/2 tsp           fine sea salt


  1. Place cashews in a bowl and cover with water. Soak overnight or for 8 hours if you have the time. For a quick-soak method, pour boiling water over the cashews and soak for 1 hour. Rinse and drain.
  2. Place the drained cashews in a high-speed blender.
  3. Add the water, lemon, vinegar, and salt. Blend on high until super smooth. You might have to stop to scrape down the blender now and then or add a touch more water to get it going.
  4. Transfer into a small, air-tight container and chill in the fridge. The cream will thicken up as it chills. The cream will keep in the fridge for about 1 week. You can also freeze it for up to 1 month.

Caramelized Maui Onions


5 large Maui onion
3 thyme branch, leaves removed and chopped
Pinch salt


Peel and slice the onions removing the root. Slice very finely and place into a heavy bottomed pan. Add the salt and the chopped thyme leaves. Bring up to a medium high heat. The onions will start to release water. Cook them until the water has cooked out and they start to caramelize. Keep de glazing the pan with water until the onions are fully cooked golden brown. Remove from the heat, adjust the seasoning and chill.

Semi dried Baby heirloom tomatoes

1lb heirloom cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 ea shallot, chopped
1oz olive oil

Mix all ingredients together and place under heat lamp until dried halfway.

Cauliflower Rice Biriyani /portion size 225g/ serves 4

Pepper, Peas, Zucchini, Smoked Cinnamon, Cashew Raita


2 ea    white cauliflower
20 ea   cashew nuts
2 ea    bay leaf
2 ea    cinnamon sticks
7       cardomom pods
1       onion finely sliced
50g     yellow squash
50g     green zucchini
50g     peas
50g     French beans, trimmed
½       red pepper deseeded and cut into strips
6g      garlic clove, finely minced
12g     ginger, finely minced
80g     chopped tomato
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp   chili powder
½ tsp   turmeric powder
1 tsp   garam masala
1 tsp   coriander powder
8g      cilantro leaves
8g      mint leaves
2 tbsp  veg oil
1 tsp  salt


  1. Cut the cauliflower and place in the robot cope and run until resembles the size of rice.
  2. Add veg oil to a pan and place over medium heat. Once hot add the cardamom, cinnamon sticks and bay leaf and cook for two mins. Then add the cashew nuts and start to toast for another minute.
  3. Stir in the onions and cook until golden brown. Add the beans, pepper, zucchini, squash, chili, garlic, ginger, turmeric and salt. Place a lid on the pan, and cook on a gentle heat for 20 mins, stirring often to avoid burning.
  4. Stir in the cauliflower, tomato and peas and cook for 5 mins.
  5. Remove the bay leaf and cinnamon.
  6. On pick up stir in the fresh herbs and adjust the seasoning.

Cashew Raita (1 portion)

40g      cashew puree
15g       cucumber
1 pinch  turmeric
1 pinch  curry powder
1 pinch  chili powder
1 pinch  salt
½ cup   lemon juice

Mix ingredients together

Papaya and Banana compote

1 ea     papaya
1 ea     banana
2 cup    water
1/2 cup  sugar
1 ea     lime juice and zest
2 ea     cinnamon sticks
3 ea     star anise
1 pinch  chili powder
Put water, sugar, lime, cinnamon, anise and chili in a heavy bottomed pan. Start to heat the liquid to a low simmer.

Peel, de seed and dice the papaya and add to the pan. Cover the pan with parchment and cook on a low heat for 20 mins.

Dice the banana and add to the pan. Try not to stir too much whilst cooking. Keep cooking slowly until the papaya is tender. Remove from the heat and season with more lime juice if needed.

So there you have it!  As amazing as the recipes are, I think the best thing to do is let Chef Craig and his team prepare them for you while you relax, and enjoy everything Maui has to offer….Four Seasons Style!

Until next time! Aloha!

– Natalie Jill




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