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The Right Way to Use Hashtags for Instagram

Boosting Your Instagram Fashion Directive

In this era of the social media boom, if you didn’t Instagram your new apparel, you didn’t wear it. It goes to show the amount of importance we attach to our social profiles. For fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts looking for clothing trends and inspiration, Instagram is a safe haven.  You can boost your Instagram fashion directive in the right way to use hashtags for Instagram.

It’s also a paradise for influencers and brands to promote new pieces and styles. You can increase your account reach and bolster your customer engagement by using the right hashtags. For every brand and blogger in the fashion industry, there’s a collection of fashion hashtags you can’t possibly do without. 

  • You have very popular hashtags that click with millions of fashion-related posts. You need to use the most relevant and mix them up with smaller volume ones. Fuse them with specific hashtags.
  • Prime examples are #Fashion#OOTD, #InstaFashion, #FashionBlogger, #Vintage, #StreetStyle, #fashionista and so on.
  • In your hashtags, choose more viable names like Women’s fashion, Look book, Fashion Diaries, street fashion, fashion style, and fashion week, and style blogger. 

Outfit hashtags are extremely popular on Instagram. Outfit of the Day or OOTD has been a perpetual theme for years. However, there are other fashion hashtags that you can use specifically for showing off apparel on IG.

These are # daily look, OOTD fashion, outfit goals, MeToday, MyLok, Outfit ideas, and Inspiring Outfit, and so on.

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Understanding the importance

Instagram has undergone sweeping changes since its advent in 2010. However, one thing has remained consistent throughout the last ten years. It’s the purport and purpose of Instagram hashtags. Using targeted and relevant hashtags on your stories and posts are still one of the best ways to tap new audiences and grow your Instagram followers

Getting more Instagram followers means more people know about your business. It gives you the opportunity to engage with newer clients. Getting more Instagram followers means more potential clients. Even your existing clients will see how popular your business is and will spread the word. The key is to get more Instagram followers.  The easiest and fastest way is to use a company like Nitreo to provide followers in your target audience.

Just like on every other social media avenue, IG hashtags organize and categorize your video and photo content. If you’re a public account and attach a hashtag to content, it will be visible on the next hashtag page. #fashion has been one of the best and most popular hashtags ever. 

  • Fashion hashtags can be both community and branded hashtags. In the case of the former, they connect like-minded people around a core subject. 
  • It could be summer ramp, spring coats, or cotton jackets. They help in connecting with others and improving your posts’ searchability and growing your community.
  • A hashtag can include your fashion product, like #baggie sweater or #tinted t-shirt.
  • A hashtag can indicate your industry niches like a #fashion blogger or #fashion freak.
  • Location hashtags include #NYfashion week, #Parishfashionwalk and the likes.

Branded hashtags can be as simple as your firm name, motto or tagline, or one of your campaign’s or product’s name. It can also be a hashtag that doesn’t have anything to do with your brand name but focuses exclusively on brand identity.

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The hashtag galaxy

Use hashtags for complimenting your posts. Pair them with images, and it fosters additional engagement and boosts views. Don’t replace quality content or good posts with hashtags. Their purpose is to bolster your post, and you don’t need to compromise content for that. TaskAnt offer a great service to help you with placement and perfect hashtag to help grow your brand.

Strategic placement is crucial. Group your hashtags at the end of your post/s to make it easier to read. Don’t use hashtags on every single word and don’t make convoluted phrases. Simply your fashion posts. If you have difficulty reading them, everyone will have the same problem.

  • Fashion is the most fleeting thing on earth. It keeps evolving and is very unpredictable. You need to use trending hashtags for bolstering your content. If the tag is pursuant to your content, or your niche industry/products, it’s a quick method of gaining a few more followers.
  • Don’t abuse or misuse trending hashtags. If you can’t find a comprehensive or relatable pathway for using a trending tag, chuck it. Just because a hashtag is trending, it doesn’t become a mandatory component of your Instagram marketing.
  • Use them as campaign components or drivers. Run hashtags that connect with your competition or campaign. It’s a fantastic way to spread the message of your campaign. 
  • You can also create alerts to get notifications each time someone uses your hashtag. It makes a wonderful post-campaign directive and data. #justdoit from Nike is synonymous with the popular brand, and countless users use it as a motivator in life.
  • Lastly, research the hashtags before using them.

Leveraging the right tools

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If you run a clothing line, you simply require a bulletproof and pervasive social media marketing plan. To manage various aspects of your online activities and presence, especially on Instagram, you need a tool that arranges your content and monitors customer engagement.

  • Some firms monitor hashtag impact and performance, and subsequent social media reach of your fashion posts and marketing campaigns. 
  • They choose the right hashtags to tap into the right audience for your content.
  • If you’re selling a product, then also implement the client’s testimonials/feedback on your website.
  • The firms also find the best influencers for your fashion brand. 

There are ample reasons for your fashion brand to exist on social media. Social media is an indispensable, undeniable part of any marketing plan. For fashion businesses, the benefits of social media marketing are a highly visual niche. 

  • Your social media presence translates into increased traffic to your site and increased brand awareness. It means improved SEO and higher conversion rates. 
  • It means improved brand authority and loyalty and better customer experience. 
  • You also gain marketplace insights and a competitive edge over your rivals.

Instagram is an obvious choice for fashion brands. Apart from its 1 billion active users, it’s also a terrifically visual medium, allowing you to present your collection from the best standpoint. 

Fashion brands are ruling over IG, displaying targeted ads, meticulously curated content, and behind-the-scenes shots on Insta Stories. 

Investing in video content

Pictures are not enough on IG. You must invest in a viable video strategy that encompasses video posts. Showcase your fashion on Instagram Live and Stores. To ensure success on this platform, you need to build and sustain a relationship with your audience, and videos are certainly the best way to do it. 

Don’t forget to tag product links on your fashion posts. It’s like tagging users. You tag those who are interested in your brand. They can quickly navigate to your product page and make a purchase.

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