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The stars and the moon shine at night envelop you but do not forget that where we love each other, it is never night. Even if your love is far from you it’s time to send him a good night’s SMS to wish him beautiful dreams with love and tenderness …
good night messages for friends

These good night SMS examples are here to help you find romantic words and the best text messages of good night.

Good night SMS

I come to wish you a beautiful and good night, full of sweet dreams …

SMS to say good night

The stars and the moon shine, another hug, another smile, another kiss, and another. It’s time to fold and close your @@. Good night.

Good night sms

Before going to bed, look at your window and the stars you will see are the thousands of kisses I send you.

SMS good night my love

I would like you to be by my side right now, in my bed with me. Unfortunately you are far, but that does not prevent me from wishing you a good night.

SMS to wish good night

Just an SMS to tell you good night my angel, I love you. <3

SMS good night love

Close the eyelid and in the darkness of the night my voice is a path that leads you to a sweet dream, good night

SMS good romantic night

When the night comes, when things rest, when the eyelids close, like a rose that folds, I love this moment when I tell you with love GOOD NIGHT

SMS good night love

If I were a bird I would fly over all the villages to see your face, if I were a cloud I would fly over to your window to say good night!

Cute goodnight message

My little star shining on the sky that gives me hope to believe that one day you see and I take you in my arms … Good night my star of love. I love you

Good night my love sms

You are my last thought before sleeping, you are my only pleasure, you are my ideas to write, you are my joy to smile, your absence makes me suffer. Goodnight My Love

SMS good night my angel

My darling, I would love to be with you right now! Have a good night, sweet dreams. I miss you.

Good night SMS

Sleeping without wishing an excellent and peaceful night to those who matter in my life is a violation of my oath of love so get a good night’s sleep.

Cute message to say good night

This SMS thinks alone, every day he goes around the world in search of the most adorable person who can exist for him wished good night …

Romantic SMS to say good night

This night a feast of the tribute of sweet dreams will visit you on my behalf, I gave him for you tons of affection and a big kiss. Good night!

SMS for good night dir

We can tell a baby not to cry, we can tell the birds not to sing, but we can not tell my heart not to love you. Good night darling.

Cute message to say good night

A kiss under a starry night I’m dreaming … look at all his stars are all these kisses that I just put on your bare skin … good night my angel

Good night SMS

I send you a kiss of love, which light as a feather, will come to rest on your pillow to join you in your dreams good night my heart

Cute SMS to say good night

It’s not because you were not in bed that night that I’m not going to say hello and wish you a good day. I love you my dear.

Romantic SMS good night

All the waves of the sea, all the perfumes of flowers, all the angels of paradise are gathered around your bed to tell you good night …