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15 Messages to say good night to his lover

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15 Messages to say good night to his lover

Sweet dreams my baby. Sweet Dreams!

Love is when I fall asleep in your arms and I wake up in your dreams.

I send you this message of tenderness to wish you goodnight my love.

I think of you and I wish you a good evening, a sweet night, sweet dreams. Sleep well my angel.

Think of me before falling asleep and I will think of you in my dreams! Good night.

Good night my heart … I send you two angels to watch over you, while you dream of me.

At night I think of you, I really miss you

I know how hard you had a hard day. I wish you a night full of sweet dreams …

Do you sleep, darling? I just wanted to tell you … good night.

The little gem of my life, sweet angel of my paradise, shining star of my nights, to you only I say good night.

Good night, my flower!
I wish you an excellent night, darling.

You sleep? No, I’m not coming! I wished a good night and sent lots of kisses.

Unfortunately, I am not by your side for this night, but I send you this message to wish you to have sweet dreams.

May your night be sweet,
May your dreams be tender,
May your bed be comfortable,
Good night!

I thought of you all day. And I will dream of us all night. Good night!