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You are looking for an idea for a message of love to your love, here are some that I hope they will capsize the heart of your beloved …

Message of love I am under your spell

I fell in your charm, you took my heart you leave me speechless in front of your beauty and your joy of living. My heart you are a labyrinth in which I would like to lose myself. ♥

Message of love for you baby
I love you baby ; My love for you is sincere and deep, I will always be there for you, no matter where you go I will always be there by your side, until the infinite my love will always remain for you. ♥

Message love you change my life

Since you have entered my life you make me discover life in color and you are reborn my dreams and my desires, you bring out the best in me, thanks to you I feel live. ♥

Message for my love

My love every day I love you more, if one day the sun were to disappear, I will have nothing to fear since I have the sun of my life, it’s you. ♥

Message of love to say that I think of you

Your absence leaves me a great void, your calls fill this void, I feel your presence despite the distance that separates us, I hear your voice in the silence of the night and I see your beautiful smiling face that burns in my mind. come back quickly my love. ♥

Msg love you are the love of my life

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be really in love … But the day I saw you I knew it right away. You are the love that I expected the love of my life. ♥

Love message with lots of kisses

I send you a boat of kisses in a sea of ​​love with a sky covered with a cloud of tenderness blown away by a wind of happiness, hoping that it will end in the bottom of your heart. ♥

Message of love and tenderness

My love in your eyes I saw the true signs of love, in your look I saw tenderness … My heart beat faster each time or I see you. ♥

Message of love I dream of you

Yesterday evening I dreamed of you my love of that day or I could not resist this first kiss, for me it was love at first sight, a unique sensation. It was a never-ending moment, and then I wake up, and I continue to love you and think of you with infinite love. ♥

Message damour I want you

Your love is close to my heart, your eyes see inside my soul, your dreams mix with my dreams and hold all my thoughts as your arms hold me in life and I want to stay with you all my life. ♥