How Healthy Eating Can Help You Lose Weight
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How Healthy Eating Can Help You Lose Weight

The two things that must go hand in hand to achieve weight loss have always been diet and exercise. One fuels the machine, and the other fine-tune it so that it runs at optimal efficiency. But what if you can’t exercise? Are there options for foods that your body can metabolize without the convention of fitness?

The answer is yes. However, they still work better if they are paired with even the most minimal exercise. All healthy eating tips start with a healthy eating plan, plus some light cardio like taking a walk. Anything that gets your blood pumping faster will help you burn calories and lose that stubborn belly you wish would disappear. And fry less and use an electric rice cooker more.

Why Healthy Eating Works

It’s not a new idea that quality foods in the right quantities are the path to better health and longer life. Look to the food pyramid. Do you see McDonald’s or M&Ms on there? No. But what you do see is a list. And this list has specific quantities of foods that the body needs to sustain itself and properly fuel the machine. 

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Vitamins, amino, carbohydrates, and nutrients are the building blocks of a quality diet because they give the body exactly what it requires for proper metabolic rates, stamina, internal grit, and even body chemistry. A healthy eating plan can make you more effective throughout the day and even heal damaged organs and bones. 

Every item on the food pyramid has one thing in common, and that is the formula. For healthy eating recipes, plug in the foods in the right quantities into the formula. Don’t forget to add in exercise, no matter how little. And the sum of the parts will equal a life you will enjoy more, a life that lasts longer, and a body that doesn’t rebel against you.

Changing the Habit

Several years ago, a family sued a fast-food giant because they discovered that when they ate there all the time, they grew obese. Regardless of the lack of common sense on that family’s part, and the reality that they actually won that lawsuit, it is now common practice for all fast-food restaurants to put caloric count numbers visible near their menu. 

Many of us are in the habit of eating things that taste good but are ultimately harmful because they are inexpensive, and healthy eating is often quite the opposite. Processed foods with preservatives last a long time, can be produced in massive quantities, and, as is often the case in bulk production, are cheap to make. 

Healthier things are more expensive because they have a lower profit margin. The system is stacked against healthy eating. But there are plenty of ways to eat on a budget if you have a creative mind, a willingness to experiment, and can get out of those old habits. 

Fish, rice, steamed vegetables, fruits, and pasta can all be combined in a myriad of ways, and that is just a few. Changing habits starts when you decide it is time to make a change and fight to stick with it. And healthy eating habits have so many benefits, short term and long term. Even changing your diet a couple of days a week will have a huge impact. 

Where to Begin

You want to know how to start eating healthy, if you are ready to shed those extra pounds, the best place to begin is to go back to the formula. And this works as much for adults as healthy eating for kids can stem the tide of childhood obesity. Introduce better foods, subtract the snacks and sweets, and you are on your way. 

Vigilance is key, and the will to see it through. Start with a grocery list for healthy eating. You may have to adjust your budget a little, but healthy eating on a budget isn’t as difficult as people tell themselves. That is often the brain justifying the learned eating behaviors you have become comfortable with. 

Now that you have a grocery list that covers the pyramid think about your healthy eating plate. The brain is attracted to certain color combinations. Greens, reds, orange, white, all together, make the brain comfortable. It needs to know what it sees to tell the body it is ok to eat it.

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Last is the cooking style. There are several ways to cook foods that will retain the most nutrients.

  • Steaming: Cooks using steam and retains all nutrients. 
  • Broiling: This method uses dry heat to cook, crisping the outside and keeping nutrients in. 
  • Grilling: Your meat is exposed to direct heat, melting the fat, which drips away.
  • Baking: Baked dishes are often enclosed, cooking in the flavors and nutrients. 
  • Stir-frying: An Asian cooking style, many various types of meat and vegetables are blended together in a wok, none of the minerals and vitamins escaping during cooking. 

Other Benefits

We have already determined that you can shed the weight you are eager to get rid of with proper diet and exercise. So, let’s tell you about a few more wonderful benefits of eating healthy.

1. Blood Sugar Control

In many things like white bread, pasta, and even fruit juices, Sugar can cause an unhealthy instability in your body’s insulin production, eventually leading to diabetes. Eating wheat bread and pasta and only consuming 100% juice in the proper amount is the best way to combat this.

2. Heart Disease Management

Foods with high-fat content increase your cholesterol and triglycerides, which leads to plaque build-up on your arteries. Limiting the bad fats in your diet will help your blood flow and keep your heart strong.

3. Brain Health

The brain needs nutrients, and nutrient deficiency has been linked to brain abnormalities and neurological decay. Giving your brain more nutrients from quality foods increases cell production and cognitive function.

4. Defeat Cancer

Antioxidants have been linked to cancer prevention. Fruits and vegetables are chocked full of antioxidants. Eating more fruits and vegetables lowers your risk of cancer.

Some foods boost mood, that increase visual acuity, and even improve sexual desire. However, some of those will be improved after you have started to see the weight drop off. People are in a much better mood when they like seeing their reflection in the mirror. 


Healthy eating is no big mystery. But it is a choice. If you really want to shed some weight, feel better internally, and have a better attitude about life in general, making the conscious decision is the first step, followed by unlearning all of those bad habits. If you can get past those, then it is all about reprogramming your body to accept the new foods you are replacing the old foods with, and you are well on your way to healthy living through eating right. Have you lost weight with a combination of quality foods and exercise?

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Alex Green is a copywriter with three years of experience. He is fond of healthy living and knows everything about home improvement. In his spare time, Alex likes walking with his golden retriever, meeting with friends, and attending the gym.

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