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Improving the Customer Experience in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a highly competitive industry. For those businesses looking to break in, the challenges faced are numerous and substantial, meaning they have to find forward-thinking and innovative ways to set themselves apart. It’s no longer enough to produce beautifully tailored pieces with fashion-forward accents or beauty products that work; instead, customers expect an awful lot more from the brands they choose to bestow their hard earned money. Improving the Customer Experience is one way many in the fashion industry are differentiating themselves. 

Customer Experience
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This change in attitudes and expectations has brought the buyer experience to the forefront, making quality customer service more important now than it has ever been before. Here are just three of the ways that fashion and beauty brands are responding.

An emphasis on sustainability

As we move forward into 2020, one factor that’s becoming increasingly important to consumers is how sustainable their favorite brands are. Fast fashion is no longer prized, with many looking to completely overhaul the way they shop. Lots of buyers are, therefore, searching for brands that reflect their new ethos and values, and companies are responding by shifting their focus to eco-friendliness and long-term sustainability.

One example of this is the American fashion line BaYou with Love, headed by actress Nikki Reed. Its emphasis is on socially conscious clothing, jewelry, and accessories, with its latest line designed with versatility and longevity in mind. As a result, it has a notable following on social media and soaring sales, proving that, in the 21st century, it’s sustainability that sells.

Deeper client engagement

As well as buyers favoring brands with morals in line with their own, the fashion industry trend is increasingly seeing deeper client engagement. Interestingly, this is not unique to this one sector, but a pattern prevalent across most areas.

Companies respond to this through live chat features, which make it easier for consumers to connect when they run into problems or would like clarification or advice from the companies they patronize. A good example of this is TheCircle, a website that offers an introductory free psychic chat service to consumers. As the company explains, this is ideal for users who are communicating from a busy environment, providing a useful and beneficial alternative to calling for many customers. The same tactic is increasingly being adopted by other industries, including (pertinently) fashion and beauty.

An enhanced social media presence

In addition, many consumers are increasingly being drawn to companies on the basis of their strong social media content. Both Facebook and Instagram are thus being utilized by successful small- and medium-sized enterprises, to showcase their wares and help them refine their brand and create an enhanced sense of personality.

Indeed, the right sort of content can massively grow a company’s following, in turn, increasing website traffic and enhancing sales. A good example of this is Cocunat, which is currently running an incredibly far-reaching social media campaign across not only Facebook and Instagram but also more obscure platforms such as Tumblr. The result is 264,000 followers and soaring profits.

Improving the Customer Experience

There are many ways to shine for beauty companies looking to increase their appeal and enhance their successes. Still, these three tactics, in particular, are surefire ways to not only earn your customers trust to grow and thrive in an incredibly competitive industry.

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