5 Ways to Tell If a Diamond Is FAKE or REAL

5 Ways to Tell If a Diamond Is REAL or FAKE

Buying a diamond for a loved one is an emotional process. Ultimately, you will want to know whether the diamond is real or fake, especially if you plan to propose to the love of your life. But how do you go about determining whether it’s real or not, given that you are not an expert? 

Whether looking to acquire a diamond engagement ring or inspect your existing collection, it’s understandable to want to know the techniques you can use to do so. In addition to checking the real vs. fake guide at Pricescope, a renowned diamond platform, you can use the following five ways:

1. The Water Test 

Diamond water test
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Did you know you can use water to test the authenticity of a diamond? Probably not! While the test is simple, it has been proven to work. 

You will need to find a regular drinking glass and fill it with water up to the three-quarter mark. Take your stone and gently place it into the glass of water. 

If your stone is real, it will sink. However, if it begins to float at the surface of water or underneath it, your stone is fake. 

Real stones tend to have a high density. A water test is meant to determine whether the diamond matches the density level. 

2. Use a Sandpaper to Rub Against Your Stone 

Don’t be afraid to use sandpaper against the diamond as the stones are among the hardest materials available on earth. 

A real diamond won’t be scratched by the sandpaper and will retain its immaculate appearance. On the other hand, if you have been sold a fake diamond, the surface will get scratched up.

3. Authenticity Certificate 

The first thing you need to see when buying a diamond is to see the proper certification. While you are probably wondering why certification matters, you ought to understand that this is what determines its value. 

Today, the best source to use when checking a stone’s authenticity is to request a certificate from grading authorities such as GIA, AGS, and IGI. Their certificates carry a lot of weight as their grading standards are respected globally. 

You can also ask for an authenticity certificate from an independent appraiser with an affiliation to professional grading organizations. 

4. Check Setting and Mount 

Diamond engagement ring
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Diamonds that have already been placed in a ring should consider the kind of mount and setting used on the stone. 

Considering the high price tags attached to diamonds, jewelers will only set real diamonds in high-quality jewelry. 

For example, it can be set in materials like yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. 

5. The Fog Test 

Take your diamond and breath hot air on it, in the same manner, you would when trying to fog up the mirror in your bathroom. 

If the diamond is real, it won’t fog up due to its inability to retain heat. A fake one will, on the other hand, fog up for a short duration. 


Many of the tests mentioned in this guide are easy ‘do it yourself’ home tests you can use to determine if a diamond is real or fake. But for you to be sure, it’s best to check with an expert or ask for a certificate of authenticity from professional grading bodies like AGS and GIA. 

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