Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Capsules

As we know, CBD carries several benefits to our body, and there are various ways of consuming it (read more). Among them, taking capsules is the easiest because people only need to swallow them. They are mostly purchased by people who do not have time to enjoy Cannabis but need its relaxing effects. If you are one of them or anyone willing to take the capsules, please consider these ‘good’ CBD capsules criteria.

The Composition

Though derived from hemp, CBD products might still contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is a compound from Cannabis plants that can make people high. Legally, THC composition is only allowed if it is less than 0.3% because bigger percentages will cause serious effects. Meanwhile, CBD composition in hemp might be until 18% that is usually presented into 25 or 50 mg in each capsule.

Besides, you also need to consider other compositions, such as the gel and additional ingredients. The gelatin to cover Cannabis is mostly from animals’ protein, namely collagen. Meanwhile, vegetarians and vegans can try other products that are manufactured using cellulose. To add more benefits, some manufacturers add more ingredients like caffeine, sorbic acid, curcumin, sunflower lecithin, Rhodiola, and others. To the right and desired effects, paying attention to additional ingredients is also needed.

The Certification

To guarantee the ingredients, it should meet another criterion that is the certification of analysis. To get the certification, the products must be tested for their quality by a third party. The third-party’s involvement shows the transparency of the product. The analysis might also have more thorough results, not just the cannabinoid contents but also terpenes, contaminants, even pesticides. The test is mostly done in a few stages.

The test and its results are usually provided on the third-party’s website. You can scan a QR code or visit the link on the brochure or package to the site of lab results. There, you can match the results and the ingredients stated by the manufacturer in the package. If there are any big differences, this could be a red flag.

Free Pesticides

Hemp as the source of CBD is grown on a farm (link: To avoid pests, some farmers spray pesticides or apply them to the soil. However, hemp belongs to the soil remediator plant. It is a type of plant that sucks any soil contents, including nutrients also pesticides. 

Hence, the hemp extract might also contain pesticides if the plant was exposed to the pesticides. To avoid this, you can check the pesticide percentage in the CBD capsules or choose the organic ones.

Free Heavy Metals

Just like the nutrients and pesticides, the hemp plant also sucks the heavy metals out of the soil. The metals might include lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. These are possible to be found in hemp that is planted in soil that contains them. It is also possible that the carrier oil during the manufacturing brings the heavy metal to the CBD products. Therefore, the only way to get away from this condition is by checking the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Free Mold

Coming from humid conditions, mold is also common to grow on hemp. It might occur during the hemp plant’s growth or wrong storage of hemp buds. Visible fuzz is a clear sign of the mold. People could mistake the frosty crystal on hemp buds with the fuzz. The fuzz might be brown, grey, or white, and there is a certain smell around the area of the mold.

The mold is dangerous because it can carry bad bacteria such as Klebsiella and E. Coli. Research has found that within 20 examples of Cannabis, all of them contain bacteria. Luckily, the lab-tested Cannabis has a lower chance to contain them. So make sure the Cannabis capsules that you consume are well-manufactured.  

The Brand Reputation

Quite often, a brand promotes its products with exaggerating and not scientifically proven claims. You must be aware of this by reading their description, especially on the health benefits parts. Also, check whether the brand inserts any legal research regarding their capsules, as you can find it on their websites like this page to help you learn more about their process. Besides its advertising, customer reviews also need to be checked.

People could see the reviews from online discussion forums, e-commerce sites, or even review blogs. Make sure that the reviewers are honest that they are not associated with the brand. Ideally, the review covers ups, downs, and the effect specifically on their condition. They also usually mention the best condition to consume or even prevent you from buying the wrong one.

The Type

CBD products, including the capsules, fall into three types that are isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. The purest type is the isolate without other compounds from the plant. Meanwhile, the other two are the extract of Cannabis with plant compounds. The full spectrum contains the main compound, Cannabinoids, and other plant compounds like terpenes and THC. Yet, the broad-spectrum also have other compounds without the THC.

The Price

Based on the type and ingredients, CBD capsules have varied prices ranging from under fifty to more than a hundred dollars. With the variation, you can choose the one that suits your budget and needs. Without shipping costs, you can get cheaper CBD in your nearest store. Yet, for more flavor variants, you can find them online.

The Customer Service

Sometimes product faulty might happen to the costumers. To return or to refund, the help of customer service is much needed. Before buying the capsules, see also whether the brand has a clear return policy and quick response. The kind and responsive customer service is a sign of a good brand.

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