Messages to say good night to her sweetheart
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Messages To Say Good Night To Her Sweetheart

Is not it nice to receive a small message to say good night before sleeping? Then send him a soft SMS to brighten up his night.


SMS Good Night
My love, I imagine your little eyes sleepy close to leave to dream of our reunion I love you.

SMS to say goodnight when you miss it

I miss you, I hate to sleep without you, and it is as if a part of me was snatched from me as soon as you are not there! Cannot wait to see you again….

SMS you miss me my love

Your eyes, your smell, your warmth, and your hair … absolutely everything I miss! I want you all and tonight, I’m alone and my feet are frozen.

SMS good romantic night

Love of my life, I would like to be near you, listen to your heart beat slowly, hear your soothing breathing, kiss you in the neck and whisper in your ear that I love you more than anything. Goodnight My Love!

SMS to wish good night

Certainly, this night I can take all the place in the bed but what good is it? I do not sleep because there is a huge void … I hope you managed to sleep on your side, I love you, for eternity!

Good night SMS

What I prefer when you go to bed is to watch a good movie, my head resting on your torso and my fingers twisting your hair … So in a hurry that you come back for our evenings of lovers!

SMS love good night

Tonight I just think of you, I can read, watch series, my thoughts turn to you every time. I miss you a lot ! I love you.

Cute Good Night Message

Honey, look under your pillow, you’ll find an envelope with a word, and millions of kisses! Spend a sweet night.

SMS good night my angel

Close your little eyes and thinks of the wonderful moments that we spent this weekend, our languorous kisses … Good night my angel.

Sensual message to say good night

I’d like to be a little mouse to watch you sleep, you’re so beautiful in your sleep, you make me shudder!

Cute message to say good night

This SMS is lucky to be able to teleport to you, I would give everything to do the same and come hug me against your skin!

SMS good night my heart

Look at the stars tonight and count them, every time you see one, tell me I’m the one who sends you all the love of the world! Good night my Love.

Cute SMS to say good night

I send you a kiss, light and soft as a feather. He will come to rest on your sleepy face so that your dreams are even more beautiful! Good night, my treasure.


SMS romantic good night

I do not even have to fall asleep to dream because you are my craziest dream and yet, you are part of my reality! Goodnight My darling.

SMS to say good night

It is not because you are not present that I do not think of you, quite the contrary! I miss you and I would love to be with you! Goodnight My Love.

SMS of love good night my darling

You are the most incredible man: beautiful, caring, intelligent and loving! I’m so lucky to have you! Good night sweetheart.

Message to say good night

I wish everyone to know this love so intense that I carry you! Every time you’re not there, I miss you a little more! Make beautiful dreams my angel!