Mahgul Summer Luxury Lawn Collection 2018 by Al-Zohaib

Al Zohaib textile has introduced the unveiling of the recent collection of Tabassum Mughal luxury embroidered lawn Collection 2018.Tabassum Mughal designer lawn dresses are filled with bright colors such as awesome, comforting pink, elegant white, aqua glowing blue and many more cool tones would be the part of Tabassum Mughal lawns 2017 to create the heating times of the summer awesome and peaceful.

They think in dynamism and even transform, and work tightly with the craftsman to attain new surfaces and supply work that is distinctive and evolutionary. An in-depth embroidery clothing front set towards a rich black base along with cream shade trousers with printed cuff outlining and a statement silk dupatta.



Mahgul luxury lawn by Al Zohaib 2017 along with price, Mahgul is significantly recognized one of the subcontinent’s most enjoyable style brands, getting debuted in the exclusive PFDC Sunsilk fashion week show in 2017. The brand is known best for their shape, advent grade presentation of Pakistani design.  In case you were n’t capable of getting anything you desired online nowadays, you are invited to some examine to Pre-book the day after only at 5 pm in Lahore at Saleem fabrics in liberty for some hours only in front of the 8th may release




At Mahgul the team should enhance by using conventional hands work approaches over a variety of unusual decoration and elements; they desire to value new craft and motivate influenced artisan ship. In this finish their craftsmanship is known best for its variety, offering a rich few methods such as sculptural ornamentation and 3D embroideries.



Mahgul luxury lawn flowery shirt front in contrast towards a striped backfilled with neck and even sleeve embroidery describing embellished having a silk dupatta. Embroidery work display within the trouser. Aesthetic paint strokes on the shirt the front and back in contrast along with 3d floral describing combined with trousers having comprehensive embroidered floral motifs and also a silk dupatta.




Rustic and also burnt orange shirt have an embroidered neck motif as well as sleeve specifics, combined with teal trousers along with monochrome accents plus a silk dupatta. Mahgul luxury lawn completely embroidered glowing blue shirt top with printed sleeve describing associated with white trousers hemmed with a traditional print. Statement silk dupatta along with Kashmiri scarf inspired refined towards modern lashes.