How to Wear Infinity Scarf in Summer for Attractive Look

The magic of pashmina is that you can get an infinite number of styles; it all depends on how you tie it. The gavroche style is very trendy at this time and here is how to fold, tie and wear your pashmina for this occasion. The knotting knot is usually done with a square scarf, but you can also make it with a pashmina rectangle. 

The scarf is an accessory that is transformable to infinity … It can be worn on the head, around the neck, in belt and even in clothes. Here are some original ideas to reinvent your wardrobe with your scarves. It is simple, playful and above all very trendy.
The scarf is an unconditional accessory of your wardrobe. It will help you bring a touch of color to any outfit. It is also very versatile and can be worn in many different ways, from the classic way, to the belt through the headband, scarf style your outfits easily.
You asked me a lot about scarves, so here is an article that will help you to choose it and especially to wear it well while varying the pleasures!

How to choose your scarf?

If you want to buy a scarf, or if you have full your wardrobe, here’s what you need to know before wearing it.

Focus on shapes Infinity scarf

Remember the basic sizes of scarves that you should possess in order to have fun wearing them in different ways: 
  • This small format is ideal for hair or accessory.
  • Surely the most versatile of all formats, if you take one, it is on this one that you must bet.
  • The large rectangle is also a most practical format; it will create a larger mass of fabric.
  • The scarf format is also common but in my opinion a little less advantageous because less versatile.

Infinity Scarf and Silhouette

It is a fashion accessory and a protective garment, certainly, but it is also a true ally for your silhouette. In order to know your silhouette, I invite you to read my article dress according to its silhouette in order to identify it and dress you accordingly.
If you have a silhouette in A, wrapping your scarf around your neck or shoulders will help rebalance your figure by creating a mass at the upper body.  If you have an H-shaped silhouette, the scarf is also a real friend because it will help feminize and smooth your silhouette.
Attach it to the waist if you have an X-shaped silhouette to mark it. Lately if you have upper body shapes or have an O-shaped silhouette, the straight and loose scarf will help you create vertical lines and thus lengthen your silhouette by optical effect.
A printed scarf is an essential wardrobe. Opt for a harmonious print that plays on the same color harmonies as your dressing room. Remember: if the print is too complicated or contains a lot of color contrasts, it will be harder to tune. Finally, you must have a favorite for the print so you do not get tired of it.
You also need a plain scarf to wear easily and to mix with printed scarves to bring more volume (and warmth!) Nude, navy blue, gray heather, emerald green … you start to know me, everything but black.
Obviously silk remains a perfect material. A silk scarf is easy to wear in any season; it is also very pleasant to touch. Its only disadvantage: it is fragile and must not be in contact with water. That’s why I also advise you to hold scarves made of cotton or mixed silk / cotton. Leave the synthetic materials aside for this accessory.
Of course, you can find beautiful scarves everywhere. Hermes, Monoprix (yes, yes!), in vintage, among talented young designers or through the large ready-to-wear houses, the choice is very wide. All these brands / brands are worth as I think if you do not ignore the quality of the material.
it is on a square Hermes should be part of your “wish-list” if you do not have one yet, but you can also find some very beautiful in small designer shops. It is a story of heart , as for a work of art, you like the drawing, the hue, the pattern, the touch … Provided that it fills the characteristics seen above, it is made for you!
They distribute the young and talented designer Elsa Pox, founder of the brand Ma Poesies, which I like as you can see. There are a thousand ways to wear a scarf. Never leave it in your wardrobe; it is your new best friend to create a look every morning. I strongly advise you to download the app of the house Hermes, “silk knots” which is full of ideas in order to tie your scarf.
I also like the very clear illustrations. Here is the Hermes fold, easy to make and which can then squirm or remain flat according to the effect you want. This is the most common way, and it is also the primary use of the scarf. So there are several ways to wear your scarf around your neck, everything will also depend on the scarf format you have.
One of the simplest and most harmonious ways is to just place the scarf around your neck leaving it flowing. Make a round around your neck loosely or tightly or just leave it behind your neck. You can twist this look by making two big knots at the ends. Create a triangle by folding your square, place the tip of the triangle in front and make a turn and a knot in front. You can then have fun turning the triangle in front of, behind or on the side according to the look you prefer.
Another way, to realize with a silk scarf preferably, realizes a knot of one side after folding your square in triangle. Then slide the other end to the desired height.
Easy to make on a large rectangular scarf, this folding is one of my favorite. Make a double knot a bit rough at the end of your scarf at 10 cm from the edge joining the two corners, and then wrap your scarf several times around your neck. Then bring the part with the knot in front or on the side.
Make a basic fold and make a double knot underneath your hair loose or tied in a bun. Ideal for the beach but also for going out. Twist the scarf or leave the dish according to the desired effect. You can bring the knot in front or on the side if you want if you use a small fine scarf
Place the scarf at the bottom of your skull and bring back the front, tie a knot and then bring the ends back and tie with a double knot. In order to adorn a pretty ballerina bun, wrap your scarf around your top or bottom bun and make a simple knot or loop bow. Depending on the thickness of your scarf, make a belt for trousers. To do this, do the basic folding, and then simply pass the scarf as you would with a belt. Make a nice bow on the side to attach it. You can also use a buckle, sold at Hermes.
You can also dress your trench by applying the same method in the passers-by of your trench coat. If you want a nice trench coat, read my article how well to wear the trench coat. You will find plenty of tips in order to choose it well and wear it well. Make small knots to 10 cm of separation along the length of your scarf. Place it around your neck and pass the tip in one the knot located at the end of your scarf.
In order to bend a garment, create a pretty high waist belt. Make a single fold, more or less thick and then pass the thickest part in front. Tie the ends behind or iron the front according to the length of your scarf. Tie your scarf to the Hanes of your bag to personalize it and bring it a touch of color. It is also a practical trick to always have a scarf at hand.
Just wrap a small square after folding it around your wrist and adorn it with a pretty bow. To wear simple or in mixture with your fetish watch or some rushes.