How to stick Eyelash Extensions on at Home
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How to stick Eyelash Extensions on at Home

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful alternative to wearing mascara when you want your eyes to pop. They might just be your savior if you’ve got a special occasion coming up and want long, dark lashes that are naturally beautiful without looking like they’re weighed down or caked on.

As you would probably guess, though, eyelash extensions aren’t cheap. And even if they were, going to a salon to get them done is usually a serious time investment.

If you’ve got a special event coming up, though, and don’t have the money to shell out for extensions-or the time to make an appointment and get them done-consider using DIY eyelash extensions. It’s not as simple as applying eyeliner, but it requires no special tools-just a few minutes of your time and some patience.

Step 1.  

Before you begin, make sure your eyelash extender is ready for use. If you’re not using one of the more popular brands, check to make sure the release button at the back of the device is in working order.

Step 2.  

Warm your eyelash extender in a safe heat source. For example, you may use a hairdryer, or you may expose the device to warm air. You might also warm the device by holding it in your hand. Be sure not to attempt this with a device that isn’t designed for warming.

Be careful with your eyelash extender, too, when trying to warm it. Just like eyelashes, the hair on your eyelash extender is very thin. You don’t want to damage it.

Step 3.  

Next, carefully and quickly run the device through your eyelash. When putting on eyelash extensions, remember that your lashes are delicate; be sure not to apply too much pressure.

Step 4.  

Repeat the process rapidly until your eyelashes are completely covered with extensions. The first two applications usually cover about 80% of your lashes. After that, it might become harder to attach the extensions. Give it your all, though, and be patient.

Beautiful lashes
Photo by Bashir Olawoyin from Pexels

Step 5.  

Once you’ve got enough extensions on your lashes, you’re ready to remove the excess. To remove the excess, rub your finger along the edge of the extensions, and they should come right off. If they don’t, do it again.

It’s going to take you a few tries before you become a pro at using eyelash extensions.

As with anything, experience is the best teacher. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll have a beautiful, natural look that will make your eyes pop.

In the end, once you’ve got your eyelash extensions on, you’ll be able to achieve the look of full, beautiful lashes without all of the hassles. Best of all, they’ll look natural-like your lashes, only better. So don’t be intimidated by eyelash extenders. You can learn how to use them, and you’ll have beautiful artificial eyelashes in no time.

Always be patient and understand mistakes happen all the time

A woman would rarely put on a lash extension right the very first time. In fact, you may have years of experience and still find yourself occasionally making a mistake. It’s not until that you’ll genuinely master this process. For now, be patient and understand these mistakes will happen for everyone.

Featured Photo by Kelly Fournier on Unsplash