know how to get rid of jealousy

How to get rid of sickly jealousy?

How to get rid of sickly jealousy? Jealousy is the unconscious desire for exclusivity and possessiveness. Every human being has already experienced this feeling but to varying degrees. This feeling can quickly become unhealthy if we do not impose a limit and if our fear becomes too heavy to bear. Jealousy becomes excessive when we come to crises that have no reason to break out. We begin to search the pockets, to call his (her) darling (e) every hour, we can not stand anymore that he (she) goes to see his friends, one becomes hysterical when one (the) sees it speak with a person who could potentially please him (or not elsewhere) … In short, we are unmanageable because jealousy devours us. Here are 10 things to do to get rid of it as quickly as possible:

how to overcome jealousy in friendship


1. Pamper yourself

Often, when women are victims of extreme jealousy, they tend to relax, persuading themselves that they no longer like their man. You go right in the wall! Take care of yourself, your body and your face. Treat yourself to massages and facials at your beautician. Keep the line, do not nibble between meals. Go shopping, buy little dresses and wear makeup. Make yourself beautiful for your darling and foremost for you. The same goes for men: go play sports instead of watching football games or playing Xbox 360. You will feel better about yourself and also against your “enemies”. You will gain confidence in yourself and be less afraid of “others”.


2. Do activities

You can not stand your friend’s activities outside of you. You have become jealous of everything, even of your passion. Are you tired of seeing your darling join his football club every Sunday? Do you find activities to fill this gap that is eating away at you? Not only will you feel better in your sneakers but also, and most importantly, you will flourish in a field other than your everyday life. Nothing better to feel alive. Sign up for dance, theater, pottery, painting, badminton … You will meet new people, learn new social contacts. Better yet, you can share your new activity with your darling by telling him how your class was today. So, when he reveals his pride in his goal scored by his incredible left foot, you will flatter him, happy to see that he too flourishes in his own way. You will both find a certain balance: he will not feel guilty for leaving you alone, and you will end up doing activities that will make you forget the daily worries.


3. Spice up your relationship

If he (she) has set his sights on you is that there are good reasons. Reasons that you are messing with your excessive behavior. But let’s move on. Take a cardboard box and make a hole big enough to put small words inside. I specify that you must do it together, not only, it is a “game” to find your old passions. Then, every week, write sweet little words that you will slip inside your box (which you will have taken care to decorate a little time). No need to write every day, but at least three / four times a week. Also, make sure to slip some “good ones” that you will adorn with a red dot to differentiate them from soft words. Make a pact, tell yourself that you must put at least one red dot each (so a good each) per week. On this voucher, you can write anything “good for a message” “good for a cinema” “good for a restaurant” “good for dinner concocting by myself” …. Nothing better to relaunch the desire!


4. Say “stop” to telephone harassment

You call him and he (she) does not answer? That drives you crazy? You are on the verge of bursting into tears and already begin to hate him. But what did he (she) actually do? Think for two minutes about your behavior. He (she) may be shopping, or even having a drink with a friend. Do not answer the phone when you are with friends, family … is simply called politeness. He (she) does not like you less, is not less attentive, he (she) is just busy (e). Stop calling him every half hour, he will eventually cut his cell and reject your calls. Especially if they have only one goal: ask him what he is doing and with whom. Send him cute messages “I miss you” “I love you” “I think of you” … and do not wait for an answer from him! It is also love, give without waiting to return, give because we love each other. He (she) will return it to you one day or the other. Be patient).


5. Organize parties with friends

Are you tired of seeing him strutting with his friends in front of the football, beers in hand? You refuse all outings outside restaurants and movies with you? You cry and make him feel guilty when he (she) decides to go out without you? Why do not you organize parties with your friends? Would not it be nicer to enjoy a party to chat and laugh around a drink with your loved ones, while your Jules does the same on his side? Rather than stay there moping and stubborn in your delusions? Enjoy life as he does! Independence in a couple is one of the keys to its durability! You have to show him that you too have a life outside of your marriage, that you too know how to burst and party and that in addition, you do not need him for that! To show him that you can do without him is to prove to him that you are strong and independent. Two reasons that will rekindle the admiration he had for you … at the beginning of your relationship.


6. Stop inspecting his pockets

To pocket him is to reveal to him how much you lack confidence in your partner. If he (she) really had something to hide he (she) would not put in his jacket, he (she) knows that he will be searched. Have a little more confidence in him and you!


7. Calm down

Screaming, crying, yelling at her, do you really think that these overflowing emotions will solve your situation? When you feel that you are on the brink of nervous breakdown, breathe calmly. Go calm down in your corner, scream your dismay with your head buried in your pillow. After and after, express your feelings to your friend. Explain to him calmly what puts you out of you. Try to understand yourself: are these crises really worth it? Does your friend deserve all these reproaches? Your lack of self-confidence can be the source of all your worries and you have to do something about it!


8. Let him (her) breathe

By dint of chaining it to you, your darling (e) will end up really wanting to run away! Show yourself more permissive towards him and his outings. You are neither his mother nor his father, he (she) is big and responsible and has no account to make you. You will quickly realize that the more you let him, the more he / she will be indebted to you and will be more often at your side.


9. Put your imagination on pause

As soon as your partner walks in the door, you start to psychotize. You imagine the worst, you invent improbable stories … Imagine what he (she) is doing is fueling your paranoia. You do not need that! Read, call friends, go out, do the housework … In short, activate, it will prevent you from getting upset alone and without reason and will prevent you from becoming a foulbrood!


10. Manage your emotions

If your partner wants to leave you, he (she) will. It is therefore vain to persist in depriving him of all liberty. The more you are afraid of losing the person who is closest to your heart, the more likely you are to lose it. Indeed, jealousy can quickly become unbearable for the one who is at the origin of all these crises of anxiety! Control yourself a little!