ways to handle age difference in relationships

Is The Age Difference In The Couple An Obstacle? Major Obstacles and Their Solutions

The age difference in a couple is not trivial. If both partners love and agree, it should not be a major obstacle. But there are nevertheless different aspects not to neglect. Whose environment and society. Small panorama of obstacles and solutions.

When two spouses have an age difference of only 5 and 10 years, that usually does not cause any problems. But, beyond, from 15 to 20 years …

how to handle age difference in relationships

Society and family, friends, family and friends are starting to ask questions. Why this or that other has chosen a younger or older partner, will their relationship last? …

The debate about the age difference in the couple is not new today. And yet, it keeps fueling conversations and tensions within families.

But, does the age difference in a couple deserve so much attention? Should it be considered as an advantage, an obstacle, a threat to the proper functioning of the couple, or an asset?

The answer in the lines that follow.


A big difference in age: the main obstacles

Do not be fooled, a large age difference in the couple can cause problems in the couple, without involving others or society in general.

  1. When two spouses with a large age difference decide to live together, they also try to make their differences, their points of view, their desires, their habits, their interests, their tastes, as well as their ideas, coexist. This can be rewarding and beneficial to spouses. But what will be easy for some may be difficult for others?
  2. The sexual activity is a significant place in the life of a couple. But, as the years pass, the sexual appetite decreases. Thus, when the two spouses fail to live a sexual activity well bloomed, it can be a source of misunderstanding or conflict. The one who feels wronged will tend to reproach his partner and seek happiness elsewhere.
  3. The other problem, and not least, is a misunderstanding or a hostile view of others, especially family members. In the long run, this permanent judgment of others ends up creating discomfort between the spouses. If the couple is suggestible, it can be destabilized.
  4. One of the most important problems to face is the health status of the older partner. When the disease starts or degenerates, the young partner takes care of the patient. It seems normal. Moreover, in many couples with no particular age difference, this also happens. But the situation can be more problematic and, above all, permanent.
  5. The younger spouse may be afraid that his or her spouse will die more quickly, with consequences such as family finances or the education of the children. Here is something to prepare and anticipate.
  6. One of the purposes of a couple is to have a child. One of the spouses may refuse to have a child because he already has one or thinks he is too old for it. Not to mention, for women, the menopause and the risks of a late pregnancy … The consequence is that it frustrates the other spouse who can simply decide to leave.


Tips and tricks

In principle, the age difference in a couple should not be a major obstacle. As long as the two spouses love each other and get along.

Yet, as we have just seen, obstacles and pitfalls abound for such a couple.

Of course, we must not minimize what society and society (family and friends, etc.) say. Sometimes their remarks can be constructive and be of good advice. However, we must not dwell on hurtful reflections and their judgments.

In fact, the family may not understand, quite simply. The right attitude is then to reassure your loved ones and explain to them that you really love each other, that no one abuses anyone in the relationship and that you are happy like that. In the long run, they will eventually accept, or even understand.

Within the couple, one of the secrets to make the couple last is communication. This is valid for a standard couple (understand with a normal age difference). But this is even more important for a couple with a big difference in age. Communicating is important because it allows everyone to listen to each other’s fears, wishes and desires. To prevent this age difference from becoming an impassable obstacle.

  • From the beginning of the couple’s life, you talk about the child’s question.
  • If a partner is sexually dissatisfied, he can open up to the other to find solutions
  • Speaking and anticipating health, financial security and succession issues is better than improvising when the worst happens.

In general, the difference in age, within a couple, probably gives rise to more questions and to ask oneself more quickly. Do not skip this important step. Everyone must know the differences in expectations and aspirations to better meet them.

Moreover, the age difference in a couple does not only present obstacles. For example, the youngest spouse benefits from the older person’s experience and experience and vice versa. Which is a significant advantage. Conversely, the older spouse benefits from the enthusiasm and dynamism of the youngest. Nothing better to stay yourself young 🙂

And what do you think of a big age difference in a couple? Do you have an experience to share with us?