How Do You Wear FR Clothing Correctly?
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How Do You Wear FR Clothing Correctly?

Flame resistant (FR) clothing is not a fashion dress-up, yes there are different fashionable FR shirts, jeans, overalls, etc. Its basic purpose is to ensure your safety. Hence you cannot wear FR clothing as you do with your normal attire neither similarly treat them.

Here are the important five guidelines to let you know how you should go around with your FR garment before leaving for work.

Neither too tight nor too light:

When purchasing an FR garment make sure that the dress does not fit you tightly or be so baggy that it keeps a huge difference from your skin, for more info about how to choose the right size you can read through the guidelines of the related global institution.

It is so because, in either case, the purpose won’t be served. The technique here is that the layer of air created between your skin and the garment works as add-on protection from a flash fire by forming a kind of insulation.

Hence it is important to maintain a minimum range of distance.   

Always button up and zip up:

Never roll up your FR sleeves
Image by logptrainer from Pixabay

This is an acknowledged fact that wearing such heavy clothes amidst all seasons and working in heated areas can make you uncomfortable.

But never unbutton or unzip your coverall even a little because barring any part of your body can lead to great danger. Also, try to button or zip up to your chest to cover up the majority of the exposed area.

Never roll up your sleeves:

A very common habit of almost everyone is rolling up your sleeves during work and uncomfortable situations. But rolling up your sleeves is another total no-no with FR garments.

Rolling up your sleeves, leaving your arms exposed to everything; this factor can always invite dangers and harm during your work hours.

Understandably, it is the easiest way to beat the heat, but definitely, safety comes first.

Get the shirts tucked in:

Get the FR shirts tucked in
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Another in the line is that never leave your shirttails hanging loose, rather remember to tuck in every loose end. In case of an unfortunate mishap, with untucked shirts, the damage gets doubled up.

Since fires and flames get access to travel under it through the gap created and hence cause severe injuries.

Here lies a suggestion, always try to get hold of long shirttails so that you can get to tucked in comfortably.  

Undergarments should not melt:

Always keep in mind that you need to be prepared for all types of possibilities. Therefore pay heed to what you are wearing inside your FR garment.

Underneath your FR garment, wear such undergarments that won’t melt into your skin if, by any chance, the fire gets past your garment.

Your undergarment should be made of a material like silk, wool, cotton, etc. since they’re considered non-melting fibers. 

Dont cover your FR apparel with non-FR outerwear:

You should always check before beginning with your day’s work whether you’re committing the same mistake of wearing a non-FR garment over your FR apparel.

Your outermost layer of clothing needs to be made out of FR fiber. Thus make sure you choose from the wide variety of FR hoodies, bibs, coveralls, jackets, etc. to wear over your FR apparel so that both of your purposes get solved.

It will help in saving you from any major injury, especially regarding your face and head.


Many other precautions can be added to the list based on major specifications like your work type and workplace, but in a generalized way, these five are a must when you wear FR clothing.

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