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Everything You Must Know About Business Productivity and Health Environment

There is a strong correlation between business productivity, employee engagement (what is employee engagement?), and a health environment in which the employees of business work. A better health environment improves the efficiency of the employees, reduces the mistakes made by the employees, and improves collaboration and cohesion within employees at the workplace. The customized solutions for health environment, company operations, and software tools improve the efficiency of the business significantly. For more information, check this out to improve your business competence.

How can we improve our existing business? The simple answer is to create a healthy work environment and professional company culture. By taking steps that help get better food, workout facility, spacious workspace, and congenial environment reduces the healthcare expenses of the company significantly. The global spending on healthcare is expected to reach $8,734.6 billion by 2020 with 4.3% CAGR between 2015 and 2020. The total spending on healthcare stood at about 10.021% of the global GDP in 2016, according to World Bank statistics.

Importance of Health Environment in Business

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According to the CNBC information, the healthcare of an employee will cost more than $14,156 for companies in 2018 in the USA. This increase will also affect the employees too. Now, the employees will have to pay about $4,200 (30% of the total healthcare insurance) per annum. These factors adversely affect the businesses’ as well as the employees’ health.

If a better health environment is provided to the employees a substantial amount of money can be saved. According to the latest research conducted by iOffice Corporation, a good health environment reduces the mistakes by 3 times than the employees working in non-health environment facility. The employees working in an unhealthy environment are likely to struggle to maintain concentration on work tasks by over 31%. Similarly, they are likely to give 44% less time to the businesses. These figures indicate the importance of maintaining the health of the target employees and how to create a business with better bottom lines.

The impact of business ethics in health and environment improves productivity, employee satisfaction, team cohesion, and better mental health. All those factors lead to better business process handling, impactful business marketing ideas, and efficient use of company resources. All those factors result in achieving the big business bottom lines.

According to the Marcus Donald research information, the efficiency of a healthy and engaged employee is about 20% higher and the chances of staying with the present employee also improve by over 90%. The healthcare environment also leaves an impact on the postal employee network significantly due to numerous reasons and the nature of the job.

Latest Health Environment Trends

The latest trends to create a wonderful health environment are extensively influenced by technology. Let’s have a look at the top trends that are impacting directly to create a better health environment in 2019.

Trend #1 Health Apps

Using health apps is one of the most powerful trends that prevail in developing modern health environments. All types of health-related activities can be monitored with the help of healthcare apps. Mobile apps are very useful in maintaining physical as well as mental health. Better use of these apps can easily help improve the health environment. Businesses are also introducing these apps to their employees to create a professional-level health environment.

Trend #2 Plant-Based Meat

With the help of modern techniques, plant-based meat has been developed that can provide you all features and benefits of meat in terms of nutrition and taste. The plant-based meat is completely herbal meat, which tastes similar to animal meat. The huge growth of over 23% was noticed in the sales of plant-based meat in 2018. Numerous companies and researchers are developing newer tastes and compositions of plant-based meat so that the best products can be introduced in the marketplace.

Trend #3 Yoga & Ayurveda

Both Ayurvedic medicines and yoga are becoming new standards in developing an impactful health environment. Companies, as well as the employees, are choosing these two ancient health therapies in modern manifestation powered by the research and development. The emergence of ketogenic diets is primarily powered by Ayurvedic therapies, which are ancient healing therapies.

Top 5 Tips to Create Health Environment

Creating a healthy environment is very crucial for a productive and efficient workplace. Let’s have a look at the top 5 useful tips that can help you create a wonderful health environment at work.

#1 Use Suitable Colors

Using colors as per requirement is very important for developing a healthy environment at work. For instance, you can choose a combination of saffron, pale blue, and red colors for different parts of your office and furniture to stimulate the resonance and energy associated with those colors. A red color improves collaboration and communication, but at the same time, it increases blood pressure, energy, and heartbeat. So always choose the right combination of colors at your workplace.

#2 Offer Fruits and Healthy Foods

The employer can offer free or even subsidized fruits and healthy drinks to the employees in the lunchroom. This will improve the energy level that will improve the health of the employees. The location of the workplace in the area where good fruits and healthy drinks are available can also help. So, always create an environment where you can offer fresh fruits and healthy drinks to the employees. There should be sufficient availability of healthy food at lunchroom or at the cafeteria.

#3 Encourage Employee Movement

Sitting continuously for over 8 or 9 hours is not a healthy activity. So to create an environment in which the employees are encouraged to walk a few steps to communicate with the concerned coworkers. The sitting arrangement in the office should be in such a way that employees are automatically obliged to walk to meet someone for something. Meanwhile, introduce a standup meeting for a few minutes in the office so that employees can stand for a few minutes.

#4 Use Plants, Scientific Furniture, Lighting

Perfect lighting based on the illumination calculation should be used with sufficient living plants placed at the right place. The furniture in the office should be according to the requirements of physical support. You should also use supportive therapies in office furniture to create a better health environment.

#5 Offer Sports and Recreational Facilities

Many big organizations have ping-pong or other indoor games at the office. The employees of the office are free to play those games for a few minutes to refresh and energize the body for work. By doing this, the efficiency of the body, as well as mind, improves, which translates into the productivity of the company.

Impact of Rest & Recreation

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The impact of recreation and rest is directly related to the peace of mind. If you take a good rest, your mind becomes more relaxed and energetic, which will directly improve the focus on work task and commitment. The efficiency, commitment, and productivity of employees improve when they take proper rest and participate in recreational activities.

Final Takeaway

The use of modern technologies has also influenced the trends and tips creating a healthy environment at work. The newer trends of creating better health environment are also changing the useful tips for creating a professional level health environment. Top 5 tips for creating a better health environment are elaborated in length in this article.

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