Fashion trend: the return of the tartan pattern

After New York, London and Milan, it’s time for Paris to host Fashion Week. Among the trends already emerging from all the shows, we can already note the tartan (or plaid plaid) pattern that is making a comeback.Formerly British monarchical symbol in the 20s, it became that of rebellion and anti-conformism in the 70s. And especially when the punk movement seized it to express its anger with the famous “no future”.

But as Coco Chanel said, “fashion is an eternal start”, is not it? And this not-so-expected return of the tartan motif is the proof. Note that this season is rather the vintage version of the tartan that is in the spotlight, through the spirit of the 60s that inspired many creators such as Fendi, Burberry or Moschino.


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The disadvantage of tartan is that it can have a tendency to enlarge the silhouette. In this case, you can always bet on pieces that are easier to wear, such as the oversize coat, which is generally appropriate for everyone.
One thing is certain, the return of the tartan motif has inspired the Instagram uses who wear the checkered look at the exit of the parades!


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