tips for yoga practice

3 Simple Tips to Get Yoga Practice to Help You Succeed

Today I find you a simple article. I hear very often people say to me “ah yes yoga I would like to get there but I’m afraid not to succeed / I do not have time / I’m not flexible / etc. So I would like to give you three very simple tips that I hope will help you take the plunge.



1. Make A List of Videos

Before starting yoga, I advise you to peel the web in search of videos that you can follow live. There are a lot of choices on Youtube, especially in French or even in English. And as there is a choice, you will find very different yoga teachers from one video to another.

It’s up to you to choose the style that suits you: energetic, calm, slow, with a lot of explanations or little, with or without music, etc. Once your small list is registered, we go on to the next board!


2. Buy A Yoga Mat

That’s all. A real carpet. This is important, it is the place where you will create a bubble, yours. No one will be allowed to enter (especially since you will be barefoot and you do not necessarily want other feet to bother you). The carpet of the yogi is

You can find very simple ones, in sports shops, or carpets with printed patterns. There is something for everyone!


3. Do Not Be Too Hard With Yourself

What I learned at the very beginning is that you cannot do all the postures the first time. Because we are not flexible, because we do not understand, because we slept badly, and so on. It’s hard to accept but actually, it does not matter! No one will judge you, whether you are alone in your living room or in a course with 20 other people.

That’s what yoga means: we move at our own pace, we accept ourselves as we are, and if we do not succeed, we put ourselves in the position of the child!

I hope these tips will help. Yoga is accessible to all and does the greatest good to the body and the mind.