You love him and he misses you send him a message of love because showing his love helps to keep the passion of love so do not wait choose a romantic message for him.

The best love messages ...

 Love message n ° 01 

When I'm in love, I become blind. I do not see other guys, I can not do it, it's as if they were invisible. I only see you.

 Message n ° 02

The others take weeks and months to come to love, and love little, and they need appointments and common things to get along together. Me, it was time for a blink of an eye for me to love you.

 Love message n ° 03

My love if one day you go I would be like a rose, I would fade every day of your absence even more, despite the spring, nothing can replace you.

  Message of love n ° 04

Even if they will offer me a dream life, to exchange you my answer will always be no, because the dream life I already have with you!

 Love message n ° 05

I want to keep you in my arms forever, but eternity seems too short. The day I do not love you anymore will never exist.

Love message n ° 06

You know what ? You did not leave me tonight I know because I woke up thinking about you, and I went to bed thinking about you too.

  Love message n ° 07

Every day far from you is like a dagger that I would sink straight into the heart, I want to scream, to tear my veins so it tears me to love you so much.

   Message of love n ° 08

I need you, again, I need to hear your heart beat for me.

 Love message n ° 09

With a "I love you" you have redone my life so if you love is crazy, I would be crazy all my life.

 Love message n ° 10

Since I know you my heart never ceases to marvel, I love you every day even more ... For your hand on my shoulder that comforts me, for your attentions so touching, for your presence, for your smile, I t 'you love because you are you, simply.

 Love message n ° 11

I want to follow your eyes to his every move, live with you and take part in your most beautiful moments, what a great happiness to share this joy of living with you my.

 Message n ° 12

I love you, without knowing why or how. I love you because I do not know other ways. Where you do not exist, I do not exist either.

 Love message n ° 13

On earth, there is a thousand and one ways to be happy, but for me, you see, it's enough for me to see you to be happy.

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