SMS Hello my love text

10 SMS Hello My Love

How to make sure that pet thinks of you all day?

Send him a message as soon as he wakes up!

SMS Hello My Love

1 – Hello my love, you see? As soon as I wake up I think of you. Have a good day!

2- Just a little message to remind you that for me you are unique and exceptional and that I hope your day will be so ♥.

3- Hi you. Close your eyes … Then imagine that I kiss you. [big space] That’s it? Cool, well it’s good you can start your day.

4- Today, there will be times when you will be fed up, subway, pigeons, your boss, your keyboard ect … And in those moments I would like you to remember that I think of you and I love you Good day my baby.

5- I thought of you all night, and I will think of you all day darling, kiss!

6-Hello, if today we do not write, know that I love you very much anyway.

7- Hello my loulou, just to tell you that I can not wait to finally say hello, other than SMS.

8 – Your arms missed me tonight, I can not wait for this afternoon.

9- It’s comforting to know that somewhere, someone who loves you thinks of you. Well know that I would think of you all day.

10- A text message to wish you a good day, to tell you that I love you. And to put you in a good mood.