Tips to photographed into street style

5 Tips To Be Photographed Street Style During Fashion Week

Yes, the fashion marathon has started on top of the agenda and the girls in vogue are redoubling their imagination near the fashion shows. Strong pieces, falsely nonchalant gaits, cleverly thought outfits … Here are 5 golden rules to succeed your street style the first time. Word of fashionist.

5 Tips To Be Photographed Street Style During Fashion Week


Rule # 1: Be Natural

In the closet tense smile (even grimaces) and other false sympathies. For a cliché street style worthy of the greatest it-girls, nothing likes to bet on the natural. Yes, Madam. No question of perching on shoes of 12 under the pretext that they are scratched or unsheathe the importable evening dress.

The extra thing: NEVER look at the goal, at the risk of losing any credibility.


Rule # 2: Accumulate The Accessories

Revival eighties. If the jewels play the card of accumulation by thousands (exercise of a style called stacking), it is because they sweep handily the place of the essential accessory of the season. Statement earrings take our ears by storm; rings play tricks while necklaces and necklaces intertwine for an irresistible look. Last but not least.

The thing plus: show them, damn it.


Rule # 3: Opt For Strong Pieces

What would Fashion Week be like without a flurry of prodigiously extravagant looks? On the menu: an eighties leather jacket with an unusual cut, a silky long dress with a vertiginous neckline, printed-panel denim, a twirling skirt with a thousand and one shades … So many pieces with a wandering aura that promise to burst on our street style shots.

The thing plus: crack for the mix & match, it’s promised, it’s something magical.


Rule # 4: Play The Retail Card

Better than an extravagant piece on any look, sharper than a frankly fantastic look, the detail, as subtle as it is, spreads a good dose of cool. Badass’ in a tagged jacket, romantic denim or street jeans in embroidered sneakers … It’s undeniable: the quintessence of style is hidden behind a detail.

The plus: customize yourself the back of his jacket denim/leather for an effect beef.


Rule # 5: Matcher With Her Girlfriends / The Decor

It may seem a bit absurd, but the decor is ES-SEN-TIEL in a cliché of street style. Everything around you (including your best friends) is likely, at best, to sublimate your look, at worst, to ruin it. If in New York, chromatic impertinence is in order to make at least a shade of shadow to the immense buildings, in London, Milan or Paris, the colors assumed in the first degree are bordered with soft shades.