We know that fashion is an eternal beginning. This is proven once again with the return of the “Saddle Bag” Dior, the great trend of the 90s. Already adopted by the fashion uses of the moment, this comeback certifies that the fashion of the 90s did not say its last word.

Dior’s “Saddle Bag” has long been an object of desire for all those who grew up in the 90s. Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite bag in Sex and the City, we all dreamed of wearing it with our denim overalls and chokers necklaces.

Good news for all the nostalgic: the “Saddle Bag” is back! The it-girl of the momfent have already adopted and do not hesitate to share it on social networks. The Saddle Bag returns to the front of it lovers.

Iced mocha extra chocolate ?

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Net surfers hastened to comment on the return of the trend bag of the 90s. The least we can say is that the comeback of the “Saddle Bag” is happy.


Nicky and Paris Hilton, official ambassadors of the “Saddle Bag” in the 90s, shared a souvenir photo to celebrate his comeback.

After the return of the Buffalo sneakers and the newsboy cap, one wonders what fashion accessory of the 90s will make its re-appearance.