best love quotes
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We have chosen for you the best quotes of love and words that reflect love experiences.


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Love Quote # 01

“Love is not a game. To each his treasure, to lose him, here is the stake. “

Love Quote # 02

“We can do a lot to win a Heart. But so much can to keep it … “

Love Quote # 03

“Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us. It is not a simple feeling, it is the truth, it is the joy that is at the origin of all creation. “

Love Quote # 04

“What is it then that love, except to understand and rejoice in seeing someone else live, act and feel differently from us, sometimes even the opposite”

Love Quote # 05

“The misfortune of man is to want to complicate love, a simple feeling of reciprocal joy. “

Love Quote # 06

“Through love, it can happen that one delivers and receives something essential, that one feels to blossom what could sleep of best in the bottom of oneself …”

Love Quote # 07

“Reason, average faculty, walks with a sure step, but feeling, faculty almost divine, flutters and hovers in immensity on the wings of love. “

Love Quote # 08

“Love is a feeling which, to be honest, needs to be composed only of itself, to live and to subsist only through it. “

Love Quote # 09

“The law of love is the only law of life; the law which makes everyone feel in themselves the immense human unity, and becomes as strong as all together. “

Love Quote # 10

“It is better to die of love than to live without regrets. “

Love Quote  # 11

“Love is like chocolate when you have dripped, you can not do without it. “

Love Quote # 12

“What is love? This is the height of the union of the vial and wisdom. “

Love Quote #13

“Love, poetry, it is by this single spring that human thought will manage to answer the wide. “

Love quote # 14

“In contact with love, everyone becomes a poet. “