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Romantic Good Night Message for Lovers with Images and Quotes

You can get romantic good night message for lovers with quotes and images. Nowadays, cute good night texts messages and good night special wishes for lovers with beautiful and attractive images and quotes of are common trend on Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp. I wish moon always be full & bright, you always be cool and right whenever you go to switch off the lights remember that i am wishing you a good night. Don’t be afraid, because it’s me just putting a blanked of love upon you so that you will never feel that you are alone love you have a cozy sleep full of heavenly dreams good night message with love to you. May you night have fulfill with happiness and joy with sweet dreams. When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore, because it makes me miss you all the more. Do you know why the moon is shining so beautiful and brightly tonight as it is try to be as beautiful radiant as you are and silently say to you good night. You can fill your night with sweet dreams and thoughts.

Romantic Good Night Message for Lovers

Nowadays style of communication is totally change especially friends are do the text messages at morning, afternoon and night. They can share their experience on Facebook, Whatsapp and on Google plus. Now, you can look cute good night message for friend with beautiful night sight images. My every night is about you and wish to capture you in my heart and soul. Standing around the window to look the beautiful sky because dreams and thoughts are bigger or look for. Night is the time to communicate things in your mind for tomorrow is a magnificent start, wish you cute good night my dear friend.

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Sweet Long Goodnight Texts for Her or Him

Another day is going to end its pleasant to recognize someone special that make my day full of fun and filled with inspiration. Catch the sweet long goodnight texts for her or him with beautiful images and quotes. Dear don’t worry about your tomorrow because I am with you to set the things with better way. So, enjoy your night with striking dreams and inspirational thoughts. Make a wish on this night, do you know what I miss and love most about us.

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Love Goodnight Messages for Boyfriend

I love that way you can love me, you can end your day with lovely good night. Look at the best images of love goodnight messages for boyfriend. If your boyfriend is special and likes to do something different then you give him surprise at this night with cute good night wishes. I love you so much I did the day previous to, I feel I am uncompleted without you. I want to wish you good night just close your eyes make a sweet dream.

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romantic good night messages for lover

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Good Night Wishes for Someone Special

Your name in my prayers is on first because you are special for me. But without sending you good night message I am not completed as like you. Well, look prominent Good night wishes for someone special with images to fill your feelings and thought to make his sweet night more beautiful. I feel fantastic you are in my life and in my prayers, thoughts and dreams. I want to wish good night to someone special whose love and care always with me.

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romantic good night love messages for her


Sweet Good Night Messages for Husband

A lot of kisses and hugs for my husband to make this night special and so sweet. Get Sweet good night messages for husband with love quotes that make your husband night pretty and cute. Every night I am so thankful of God because he gives me lovely husband in my life and I am so happy to be his wife. I miss you in this silent night just want to tell you I love you so much. You are not my husband only you are partner of my life, sweet dreams and charming thoughts.

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Goodnight Love Messages for Girlfriend

Good night girlfriend, may your night be beauty by the graceful thoughts and lovely dreams. You can look at Goodnight love messages for girlfriend with romantic and flirty text. Send beautiful good night romantic text message to your sweet heart with sweet dreams and heart touch feelings. These messages communicate your love and change the way of your affection. My love I am waiting for you say to good night because our love is awake.

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Lovely Good Night Message for My Wife

You slowly entered in my heart but now you are completely I my heart, soul and in words. So, get lovely good night message for my wife with beautiful wishes. You are true partner of my life that always provides love, care and happiness in the life. I can’t forget you sympathetic attitude and smile attractive face.

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Adorable Good Night Messages for Your Lover

You’re the one who makes me smile all the day and my every night become beautiful when I think of you. You deserve all the best good night wishes. Sleep well and of course dream of me.

Look at the stars before sleeping which will bring the beautiful dreams. May you have a night with perfect rest! Good night darling!

Every night, I want to have your fragrance and heat to make my night more pleasing. And then, you come to my dreams to fulfill my wishes.

My girl, have a beautiful night with golden dreams. Receive my message with lots of hug and millions of kisses. I love you.

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My nights are not dark because thinking about you spread the light to my heart. Good night my love! Have a sweet dream.

My love, I don’t want to look for the thousands of stars as I already got the most precious one in my life. Wish you to have a very good night!

My princess, I will always be by your side to warm you like a blanket. May God lighten your night with the sweetest dream!

If you become afraid of the darkness of the night, just think about the light of our love. Have a blessed night my darling.

romantic good night messages

No matter how distant we are, you always come to my dream to make my dream even prettier. Love you, my girl. Have a sweet dream.

My dear best half, rest a lot and enjoy the night with peace to have a beautiful morning. May God enlighten your every night!

The love of my heart, sleep only to dream of me and May the light of the stars fall from the sky on your dream. Good night, dear!

The best things I’ve done in my life is to love you. I love you more than anything in my life. May all the warm wishes will make you feel hot in this cold night! Good dreams, my love!

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I want to live with you all my life, sleep in your arm every night and want to meet you in my dreams. Good night my love!

My lovely boyfriend, I wish you a night filled with peace and beautiful dreams. You deserve to have the wonderful night and the best dawn ever. Love you.

I spend my whole day by being on your side and at the end of the day, I keep smiling thinking about you. You fulfilled me with your love and deserve all the best wishes. Sleep well dreaming of me.

Have a wonderful night wrapped in sweet dreams. Rest well to restore your energies and get a lovely new morning with renewed strength. Good night!

I feel pain when my eyes lost you at the end of the day and then I close my eyes to meet you in my dreams. I love you so much cutie and will always be. Sleep well.

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Have a good night dear. No matter how far away we stay, you always reside in my heart all the time. And I love losing myself thinking about you.

When you are in my thought, my whole world changed and I have my best feelings. My love, I promise, the day will come soon when you’ll be by my side not in my dreams but in reality. Good night!

When we’re apart, I can’t stop thinking about you the whole day. And at night, I miss the warm hug and love of you. I know you are thinking the same. Let’s meet in our dreams. Good night my better half.

My love, my morning starts thinking about you and you’re the last person I think of before sleeping. My happiness only lies within you and there’s no dream without you. May all your nights be the best one! Sweet dreams darling!

Good night my soul mate! The best thing I can ever feel is to find you sleeping, keeping your head in my chest. May God keep our love forever even in the life hereafter.

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Another night is falling but know that my love for you is increasing every moment. Nothing will change between us no matter what happens. Good night love, have a sweet dream.

The light of the sun has gone and the sweetest light of the stars has come. Have a good sleep dear. I love you and my heart beats for you even when I’m sleeping.

The most beautiful thing in the whole world is, being loved by your loved one. I’m the happiest person because I have you. May all the dreams you dream come true. Good night!