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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Sending a birthday wishes for your ex will emphasize the both of you the fantastic memories of your earlier relationship as well as the painful remembrances of the separation. Although it may not be sensible to send a text to your ex when it’s a specific thing you feel for instance doing, here are fantastic ideas and motivation for happy birthday wishes for ex.


I have usually wished the finest, I also wish the finest and I will usually wish you the best. Getting you to as my ex is preferable to not having you around me, happy birthday to you!

I might never remember the reason behind our heartbreak, but I am going to never forget the pretty moments in our romantic dates. Happy birthday, ex!


Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

I could not have it is your right hug you or even kiss you. But I really do hope I have to wish you all the best on the big day. Happy birthday, ex!

I have always been honest with you due to the fact I don’t have confidence in being bogus, I also love both you and I have no idea with what it will take in order to cure those wounds. Although I never am expecting you to feel the same manner but I want you to definitely a minimum of think about me whenever you cut all those birthday cake. Happy birthday!


Although I might not miss a person every single moment associated with my day, however, your birthday celebration is a gorgeous memory that will in no way disappear. Happy birthday!


Birthday wishes for ex…

After providing you with all my centered, heartbreak is the gift idea you set it up. But today in your birthday, forgiveness may be the true gift I will provide you with. Happy bday, ex!

I may in no way completely reduce you, however, the fact that We are picking up the phone to wish a person on the birthday implies that I will in no way and actually forget a person totally as well. Happy birthday!

Even though we are not even buddies anymore, We nevertheless feel the need in order to wish a happy birthday, I hope there is a great future, although I’m not going to be inside it, happy birthday!

I’m really proud to have happened only as my ex, but as my friend, because We still know I could trust you, although we’re not really together anymore, happy birthday and I wish someday you will find your only!


I remember your day whenever we broke up and I thought i would never ever become friends, yet look at the progress all of us made, we have succeeded in doing so many great points just as buddies, and I wish I never drop you as you, happy birthday!

Today is an extremely special day, given that it’s your birthday celebration, and I wish you have a fantastic one, I hope there is a wonderful potential and discover much more incredible individual in your life, just like I found my own! Happy birthday!

I understand you prefer when people are sincere, to ensure that exactly what I’m will be for the next several moments, I’m really happy with you, of whatever you have grown to be, and I wish that the future keeps many more incredible things for you personally, happy birthday!


I remember exactly how sad I was right after our break up, these days you might have an amazing girl next to you, exactly like I possess an amazing man waiting around at home, I’m really proud of both you and of us that we continue to be friends, happy birthday!

It is sad that will you’ve shifted, while I’m nevertheless here, yet I just wanted to express happy birthday, I wish the finest of luck!

I certainly not thought that all after our own battle we could friends again, yet I’m really thankful for that text message, because of you & I are great friends right now, and I could not ask for something, happy birthday!

I remember the particular biochemistry we once had, yet take a look at us now, there is a fantastic wife and I come with an amazing husband, we are happily married in order to people, plus I’m glad we’re still buddies. A lot of luck for you, happy birthday!


I know we have been not collectively, but I’m glad we’re nevertheless friends. I just wanted to express happy bday and want you the best of luck in the future!

Each day like nowadays must be kept in mind,

It cannot have to get forgotten, similar to the sensation we had for every other,

I really hope there is an excellent birthday!


Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Although we are not really a couple I still worry about a person, and I hope you need to do as well, I wanted in order to wish you a lot of love and pleasure in life, happy bday!

Today is really a day worth partying and am know you have everything you ever desired, a new girlfriend, pleasure, and a lifestyle filled with frivolity. May possibly this pleasure keeps with you eternally!


Right now I desired to wish you a very happy birthday! Might all your issues go away and could you finally find the main one you really love.

Although we are not even buddies, we are simply strangers to each other along with mutual memories, I still keep in mind you from occasionally and I wanted to state happy birthday for you!

A birthday is a day to celebrate,

And I hope we are able to celebrate along,

Even though are not a few, happy birthday!

Today is definitely a day well worth celebrating; I hope you discover real love this upcoming year. On this special event, I wish person happiness, joy, fun and lots of incredible times, happy birthday!

About this day I really hope you find real love, I know it did not exercise with us, But I am glad we are still buddies, happy birthday!


I wanted to express a happy birthday about this amazing sunny daytime, I hope you might be happy without having me personally, just like we are without a person!

Even though we have been not courting anymore We nevertheless wanted to state delighted birthday, May all your best dreams come true, come with an outstanding day!

Really don’t know whether it’s correct or incorrect to wish you on your birthday celebration but I nevertheless do, just like could don’t know if it’s wrong to love you or not yet we can still do. Happy birthday!