H & M summer sweamwear collection fior 2018

H & M Summer Collection: Swimsuits Trend 2018

To bring the summer faster than expected, we know the right remedy. One-piece swimsuit, bandeau swimsuit, bikini, plain or printed, discover the entire swimsuit collection H & M spring summer 2018. Tropical or graphic, what does your swimsuit look like in summer?

The swimsuit. Just to write his name, we already see it. The warm sand that tickles the toes and the sound of the waves to rock us.

H & M Summer Collection: Swimsuits Trend 2018>

The moment when you start to hang out at the swimwear department to choose your swimsuit is certainly the best time of the year. One-piece swimsuit or two-piece swimsuit? Headband or balconies? United or printed? High or shorty panties? Maybe everyone, who knows?

The swimsuit. Just to write his name, we already see it.

Collecting swimsuits is a passion. To satisfy our craziness, the 2018 H & M swimwear collection promises to be rich in models, colors and prints. What to please the greatest number.


Swimsuit H & M summer 2018: the trendy models

As always, H & M offers a laaaaaaaarge choice of swimsuits. Modest and complex, audacious and shy should easily find their happiness.

You’ve known him for a long time: the Swedish giant always keeps his promises. Please everyone, yes. Follow fashion trends, too.

First, we find the flowers print. If you did not know it yet, the flower power like the stripe is absolutely everywhere. It is encrusted on all the fashion pieces of our dressing room starting with our summer shoes and our summer dresses. The swimsuit does not escape the trend. H & M either. Result? The bikini becomes flowery. Triangle or headband, you will not be able to miss. And frankly, you would be wrong not to try it. He deserves his chance.

The swimsuit does not escape the trend. H & M either.

The swimwear collection H & M 2018 is trying to geometry. Straight out of the fashion of the 90s, he had already tried his luck last year. This season, he is giving the cover back successfully. On bikinis, we like asymmetrical cuts. And for those who want to emulate the style of Kim Kardashian and other Jenner sisters, there will be strip swimsuits that mark your waist or your hips.

On the hue side, swimsuits from the H & M Spring Summer 2018 collection respect the diktat of the trend colors of the season. The pink, yellow and red assumed will be at the rendezvous.


Swimsuit classics at H & M

In the H & M swimwear collection, we also find the essential fashion, the essential validated by all pools and other beaches in France and Navarre.

In the first line, the one-piece jersey. Long shunned, he returns for a few seasons stirring poppy because he comes from far away. Relegated to the radius “grandmother”, the swimsuit knew a sacred climb. Today, the 1-piece jersey has become the swimsuit of elegance par excellence. Put on shorts and get your beach outfit.

The tropical print is faultless. So, it’s a classic. We like it on the bikinis but also on the one-piece suit. With flying or without but without moderation.

The unavoidable validated by all pools and other beaches in France and Navarre.

And then, the inevitable black. Passe-partout, ultra easy to adopt, it goes to everyone. We already love him on the black dresses of summer. We love it on trendy swimsuits.