Funny appointment ideas

23 Funny Appointments that you must have at least ONE time in your life

Unfortunately, in many relationships, love fades as time passes and monotony takes over. Always do the same things, go to the same places, go out with the same people, and make the emotion end.

So, get out of the usual dates you always have with your boy and experiment with a different date! If your relationship already has time, this will give you a fresh air. If they are starting to leave, surely he will love it. Here we give you a list of 25 things you can do on a date:


1. Go together to encourage a sports team in your city

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The tickets are usually free or very cheap, and it will be very fun.


2. Make a bonfire

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Maybe it’s a little complicated to find the right place; It requires some skill, but it will be one of the best appointments you will have.


3. Go bowling

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Going to a bowling is a guarantee of fun. There are sites with promotions during certain days of the week.


4. Rent a bicycle

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Many cities already have a bicycle rental service. They can go around the city and come back whenever they want.


5. Go to a park that has a lake, and feed the ducks

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6. And if there are, rent a small boat

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Take a walk on the lake, talk and enjoy nature.


7. Get board games

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Play various board games and while doing so, many spontaneous conversations will arise. Put music in the background. Prepare special sandwiches and your favorite drinks …


8. Go to a typical market or a tianguis

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It may sound strange to have an appointment in a place where they sell used things (in Mexico, a tianguis is sold new and used, but there is a surprising variety of products, depending on the size of the market). They do not need to spend, just observe the wonders they can find and express their tastes, what excites them, play … Maybe they find some antique or a craft that reminds them of this appointment.


9. Walking

Funny dating ideas (9)

Take a long walk on foot to a nearby place that offers you a great view.


10. Look for a calendar of local events

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Take a tour of art exhibitions, neighborhood parties, festivals, museums and any activity that a weekend offers them.


11. Cook together

Funny dating ideas (11)

If you do not know, learn. They will spend time together and afterwards, they can have a romantic evening tasting their dishes.


12. Go to the beach

Funny dating ideas (12)

Is there anything more romantic than a date on the beach?


13. Volunteer from a Humane Society

Funny dating ideas (13)

Together they can go and play with the dogs that need love.


14. Rent a cabin

Funny dating ideas (14)

Maybe it’s not very cheap, but it will be an unforgettable weekend for both of you.


15. Go to a dive on a Friday or Saturday night

Funny dating ideas (15)

And not precisely to have a crazy night, but they will realize how much fun it is to see how others do.


16. Observe the stars

Funny dating ideas (16)

Locate a place without light pollution, sit down and try to identify the greatest number of constellations. They will spend a great evening.


17. A place with live music

Funny dating ideas (17)

Find a cafe or bar with live music and enjoy the night, a good conversation, drinks, and your company.


18. Play mini-golf

Funny dating ideas (18)


19. Go for an ice cream

Funny dating ideas (19)

And take a walk through the center of your city or a place you do not go to frequently.


20. Skate

Funny dating ideas (20)

21. Go to a pool

Funny dating ideas (21)

If you do not know, you can learn together.


22. Karaoke night

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If they are an outgoing couple, attend a bar with karaoke and sing together. If they are not, just enjoy the show that other people offer them.


23. Go to observe the lights of the city

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Wait until it is night and there is good weather, then go to a place where you can enjoy the lights of the city (many have perfect viewpoints for an appointment like this).