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    6 Hollywood Celebrities Popular on Instagram

    These days right from your sunny-side-up and sausage breakfast posts to a barbeque dinner with your partner at your favorite restaurant, Instagram is creating quite a buzz. Now imagine your social media feed becomes a treat to your eyes when you see hot Hollywood celebrities’ faces dominating your Instagram profile. It could be the celeb’s lifestyle, their makeup, pose before the camera, and things like that.  Many celebs from the tinsel town also won their game on the photo-sharing site with their spellbinding shots and a behind-the-scenes look. With a huge fan following on Instagram, Hollywood celebs have made fans’ lives fun by posting stunning images.  According to an article…

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  • Special Effects

    The Difference Between Makeup & Special Effects Makeup Application

    The power of makeup, especially within film, TV, and theatre productions, is nearly limitless in the results it can achieve. While it can be used to enhance the natural features of an actor or enhance their beauty, it can also be used to create an outer-worldly, inhuman, scary, or beat-up version of themselves. The former and latter applications of makeup mark the key difference between conventional and special effects makeup applications.  While there is some overlap between these two types of makeup application types, there are distinct differences of which any aspiring (or current) makeup artists should be aware. Roles & Responsibilities The primary difference between a conventional and special…

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  • Party Ideas

    5 Party Ideas The Girls Will Love

    You and the girls are ready for a night filled with fun and excitement… But you’re not sure where to go. What is there to do on a Friday night that hasn’t already been done a thousand times before? It’s easy to settle into a routine, and sometimes we all need to experience something new. It’s way too easy to simply stay inside all weekend without doing anything exciting. It’s even easier to make excuses… But what you should be doing is making time for yourself. In the end, you won’t regret it – and everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while. With that in mind,…

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  • New Relationship
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    Steps to Take before Starting a New Relationship

    Almost everyone is guilty of following advice from books and celebrities when it comes to moving on from breakups or starting new relationships. You might have pored through ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’ and attended the movie premiere. Friends dragged you to the movies for a dose of ‘He’s Just Not That into You’’ and you nodded along to some of the advice and tut-tutted through others. However, when it comes to relationships, there is really no one-size-fits-all. Many people have discovered that it is unwise to jump from one relationship smack into another one simply because some celebrity said that is the way to go. As…

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