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Cute Birthday Wishes for Mother from Daughter with Images and Quotes

Mother is a vital person for everybody on the planet. If you are looking for cute happy birthday wishes messages to mom from daughter than you have arrive at best place. You can now create beautiful message for the mom to demonstrate her just how much you like her. Here we have a huge collection of birthday messages and wishes for mother from daughter and son is looking for. I believe you’ll take pleasure in watching your Mother beam with pleasure after reading through your birthday greeting for her, therefore select your birthday celebration verse for her thoroughly. You can use these happy birthday mom quotes from daughter in English to express your feelings for him and tell him how much you love and care about him.



Beautiful Birthday Quotes Messages for Mom from Son

Happy birthday, Mom! I want you to know that I am nothing without you, but I can be everything with you by my side. Love you!

Mom, I want to tell you that – every year I crown you with the “Best Mother of the Year” award. There is no one who can come even closer to your winning ways. Happy Birthday to my great mom.

Happy birthday to my mom… the woman who sacrificed many a precious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine.


Mom, no one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you forever and ever. No matter where I go or whom I meet, you will always be Number One to me.

I treasure our special relationship and share your warmth and love on this special day. Happy Birthday.

Mom I want to thank you for all this years you raised me. I really appreciate it and admire you.


Happy birthday to the most amazing mom! I wanted to wish you an unforgettable birthday, filled with lots of joy and happiness, but most importantly – love!

Happy Birthday, Mom you were my very first friend and you are still my best friend. you are the best mother a daughter could ever hope to have.


Happy Birthday, Mom you were my very first friend and you are still my best friend. you are the best mother a daughter could ever hope to have.

Mom, there is no other person who can take the place of yours in my heart. I’m so lucky that I’ve found the best mother in this entire world. You’ll always remain as the number one mom to me, no matter how far I’m from you.


No matter what I’ve said but deep down in my heart, you are the one I look up to, stay true to and love coming back home to. Happy birthday mom.

Mama, all I want that I could grow up like you in the future. I wish you a happy birthday and it’s all your guidance for which I have become the person I’m now.

To the woman that always brought the best in me or at least saw the best in me regardless of what I did. Happy Birthday.


You’re an amazing person and my heart is filled with warmth when I thinking of you.

Dear mother, I wanted to say happy birthday and wish you lots of happiness, joy, laughter, health, love and many many more things your heart desires,

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing. Happy Birthday MOM

Every birthday memory I have includes you lighting the candles on my cake. Thank you for all that you have done, and I am looking forward to returning the favor this weekend.


Every morning when I wake up, I always thank you. Your perfect supervision, your heart, your love and your warmth have given me a lot. You are the one who loves me unconditionally. You are always my lovely mom, wishing you a happy birthday.

The awesome memories of my childhood have become my shadow. They follow me wherever I go, and I hope it never stops being so. Happy birthday mom.

Every mom is special, but trust me there is no other mom who can be compared to your qualities and abilities. On this special day, I want to thank you and wish happy birthday.

Have a great day today and a wonderful year ahead. Happy Birthday.


Thank you, mom, for taking care of me, for being here with me, and I hope that today I can make up for everything that you have done,

You may look frail and weak but they never know that you are the strongest person I know especially when it comes to protecting your children and your family. I hope you have a grand time during your birthday.

You are the one who made my childhood special, and I remember every minute of it. Thanks to you, Mom. I wish you a very warm and happy birthday. May God pour all the love and warmth on you.

If you were not my mom already, then I would be absolutely jealous of whoever was your daughter. You’re awesome, Mom. Happy Birthday!

Mom, you are my angel darling. My heartfelt greetings to you on this special day. Happy Birthday, mom.


If I can grow up to become even a LITTLE of what you are, I will consider myself to have achieved a LOT. Happy birthday mom.

No matter what I’ve said but deep down in my heart, you are the one I look up to, stay true to and love coming back home to. Happy birthday mom.

To a beautiful, kind, thoughtful and great Mom on her birthday. I love you. Happy Birthday.

Mom, we are all gathered here today – only for you, we came here to make this day special and unforgettable, Happy birthday!


You are my teacher, my strength, and my support. You made me believe in me. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God bless you with his care and love? I love you Mom.

Thank you for being strong enough to say no when you know it won’t be good for me at all. Thanks for being soft enough to always say yes whenever you realize it is for my own good. I love you Mom!


Lovely Birthday Wishes for Mother from Daughter

My mom, today is your special day and I want your heart to be flooded with all the warm wishes and surprises. Happy birthday! You’re the most special persons in my life and I’m lucky to be born from your womb. Always be happy. I love you a lot.

Happy birthday mom! I can never express your importance in my life. You’re the only person in the whole world with whom I can share all my feelings, laugh, cry and all the things. Today I wish you much happiness which will never abandon you.

The best mother, the best friend and the best person, happy birthday! You are the person I admire and love the most. Thank you for being my mother and I promise you that I’ll never disappoint you. Have a wonderful life. Love you.

Mother is the most precious person in everyone’s life and her birthday is one of the happiest days to celebrate. Happy birthday my cute mom. You’re the best person in the whole world as God has given you the biggest heart. May you celebrate your every birthday with lots of joy and happiness!

lovely birthday wishes for mother from daughter

Dear mom, today you’re celebrating another year of your life and I’m so happy to be by your side to hug you, kiss you and give you my gratitude. I pray to God to grant you many years of life.

My lovely mom, one of the most important day for me is your birthday. Happy birthday! On this special day, I want you to know that you’ve always been my inspiration and I want to be a great woman and a great mom like you. May God always keep you healthy and happy!

The very special day has come. Happy birthday mom! I can never forget your support and dedication for me. Thank you for teaching me all the good things and for making my dreams come true. May God always shower his blessings upon you! Love you mom.

Congratulations mom for striking the half-century of life! Thanks for all your support. I love that, you still treat me as a little girl and fight for me with anyone. Always be like this happy and be blessed with many years.

I know that every mother is loving but you’re a bit more mom. You’re the unique mother with a lot of qualities. I can’t imagine my life without you and I don’t want to. On your special day, I want to congratulate you. Your daughter loves you a lot.

cute birthday messages for mother

Happy birthday, my mom, my protector! Your warrior spirit always inspired me and I know I’m the luckiest daughter as I have you. You deserve all the good things in your life. May all the blessings of the whole world reaches you forever!

My beloved mother, happy birthday! For me, you’re the light who brings only the happiness in my life. May you have the strength to overcome all the evil and all the good things surrounding you multiples in every year!

Dear beautiful mom, you’re the greatest blessings of my life who give me the valuable lessons and advice and inspires me for all my good deeds. Thanks is the very small word for your priceless support. On this special day, I pray to God to make you the happiest person which you really deserve to be.

Happy birthday, beloved mom! Today is a special day and I want you to know the special love and affection I have in my heart for you. May God always keep your smile and give you all the strength to always win!

sweet birthday wishes for mother from daughter

Today is the long-awaited day for us. Happy birthday, dear mom! Thank you so much for everything. May all your prayers are granted and your life is filled with peace, love, and joy.

Dear mother, I always give thanks to the Almighty to make me your daughter. You are not only a mother to me but also a true friend to whom I can expect anything anytime. May Almighty reward you for everything! Have a wonderful birthday, mom!

Congratulations mom for the platinum jubilee! A daughter understands the true love of her mother after having a child and that also happened to me. I wish to God to keep you fit and healthy enough to celebrate the 100th birthday in a grand way! Love you!

Happy birthday, my mother! You made me understand that your existence is fundamental for leading a life with peace and happiness. Your attention, support, and love are the reason for our success. Thanks for always there for me. Have a healthy life.

happy birthday quotes for mother from daughter

Today is not only special for you but also for us, mom. We are thankful to God for sending you into this world and for make you my mother. I want to celebrate your every birthday with much happiness.

Happy birthday mother, the queen of my heart! No doubt you love me the most but I love you a little more than you. Always be my supporter and friend. Enjoy the day with a lot of love.

My dear mother, happy birthday! I feel so proud to have you as my mother who has the unbounded love for all. Be happy and blessed. Love you.

My love, my mom, today is your day. Congratulations for completing another year of life. Know that, I’ll always be there for you as you were for me. May your every birthday brings new surprises for you!

The person who cares for me the most, love me the most and keep me safe, is you, mom. You always make all wishes and prayers only for us. On this very special day, I ask the Almighty to make you happy enough that your smile never vanished from your face.

nice birthday messages for mother

Happy birthday, mom! At first, I want to thank you God for rewarding me by making the daughter of a woman with a heart full of love. And I’ll never tire thanking you for your unconditional love and support mom. I’m really blessed to have you in my life.

Happy birthday, my lovely mother! You are the most spectacular person I’ve ever seen. I will always count on you as you’re a part of my life. Have a lovely birthday.

Happy birthday, mom! Thanks a lot for raising us with much care and love. Your support and the unconditional love made me what I’m today. I promise mom, I’ll be a very good daughter to make you feel proud.

Dear mom, you’re the most beautiful person in my eyes not only for your lovely face but also for your best qualities. I love you and will always love you. Enjoy every moment of your life. Happy birthday!

My heartiest congratulations to you mom for your birthday. Today I would like to tell you that, you’re my first inspiration and I love to follow your steps in my life. May the Almighty grant all your prayers!

happy birthday wishes for mother from daughter

Happy birthday, mom! I wish you all the love of this universe and hope to celebrate all your next birthdays together. Receive a big hug with a lot of kisses. Have a great life forever mom. I love you and miss you a lot.

Thanks to my mom who made me understand that mother’s love is not limited only for her blood child. Even though I’m not your blood, you raised me as your own child. On your special day, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. May all wishes of yours be fulfilled! Love you.

Happy birthday, mom! I wish you to have a peaceful and joyous life. May God always bestow his blessings upon you! I love you a lot.