Best Nike High Top Basketball Shoes
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Runnin’ Strong: The 3 Best 2020 Tennis Shoes to Get Your Game On

Best Nike High Top Basketball Shoes
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Need some new kicks? Not sure what to get? Check out this list of the five Nike high top basketball shoes on the market today.

If you’re a baller, you know the impact that the type of basketball shoes has on your game. Playstyle is not solely based on your footwear, but if you’re trying you dunk or like the fast breaks, you need to pick the shoe that fits your style. Your kicks can make a bit of a difference.

These days you see more and more ballers rocking the low top basketball shoes, but high tops are still cemented as the go-to for most players, none more than Nike high top basketball shoes.

The footwear giant Nike owns a whopping 80 percent of the basketball market, and you see it everywhere, such as in this list. Here are five of the best Nike high top basketball shoes on the market today

Fitting Your Fancy

A bit of an advisory, this list is subjectively based upon customer reviews. So be sure to remember that what works for others might not work for you. And this is a list in no particular order of quality.

Either way, these Nikes are sure to be a hit with anyone who’s a sneakerhead.


Right now, Lebron James is still the star of the NBA; you can’t tell me otherwise. But that also translates to the shoe game. His sneakers find themselves at the top of almost every basketball shoe list.

  • Lebron 17

The newest iteration until the Lebron 18s come out, these kicks have that popular flyknit technology. It has excellent cushion due to the Nike Max Air in the heel and the two Zoom Air components in the front.

It makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. That’s great for when you’re trying to float on the courts.

  • Lebron Soldier 13

These are great for heavier players. They boast the shoelace-less look, have excellent traction, and have no real weaknesses to their design with excellent support. This makes the Soldiers one of the best all-around sneakers for the court.

Photo by Fabio Jock on Unsplash


If Lebrons are a constant in the community, Jordans are the legends. Everybody wants a pair. Sneakers have a dedicated following So much that they have websites dedicated to them.

  • Air Jordan XXXIV

These come with a streamlined yet classic aesthetic. They sport the herringbone sole and Zoom Air cushioning. These were made for the court, and when wearing these, you feel the comfort and support. 

The Dunks

Nike Dunks were always made for the court and are similar in their designs, hence them being grouped here. They are also typically cheaper than the others on this list

  • AlphaDunk

These are relatively recent but have all the best qualities of its Dunk predecessors. Nike even promotes it as “the bounciest game shoes to date.” The cushioned sole covers most of the bottom and gives excellent support.

  • Prime Hype DF II

The Hypes were the successor to the 2014 HyperDunks and carried the innovations of their predecessors and then some. It does well in the ankle support, and the construction is a fuse, including faux leather.

Nike High Top Basketball Shoes

This list is not comprehensive, so you may find others that suit your needs. You may like mid-tops or even low tops because they fit your playstyle better. But whichever ones you choose, Nike high top basketball shoes are always an excellent way to go. Nike stands for victory, so get that W on the courts.

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