Firdous Eid Exclusive Collection 2017 Summer Designs for Women

There is nothing even more gorgeous than a comfortable woman. A woman to know that her giggle creates the world more lovely .There is nothing extra gorgeous than a woman dressed in the humility and style and nothing more gorgeous than a "Firdous" woman.


Obtain a glimpse of our Eid Exclusive Collection -The Mythical type of adoration, easily impressive in every sole way! The vibrant mixture of different cultures will be upon us soon your way in your Eid Exclusive collection 2017 lawn dresses. Pre booking starts 24th May


The story of an innovative voyage, our eid exclusive collection 2017 celebrating the happy celebrations and narrating many words through diverse ethnicities spread around the world. We could ultimately right here! Find beautiful and advanced designs for all flavor, designs and feelings. You’ll swoon on the complex prints, fragile embroidery and luxurious lawn fabric of our Eid Exclusive Collection .In stores






The eid exclusive eid dresses 2017 collection signifies the cultural niche and even diversity of humanity yet it also pertains to the tranquility of our cultural fashion trends. The Firdous eid collection is really a combination floral designs geometric design and rich embroideries that are destined to create your fashion statement sizzle stunning this Eid-Ul-Fitr.








Every silhouette from the eid exclusive 2017 collection lawn dresses has been produced attention to detail hence taking a entire cultural thought inside it while furthermore creating it distinctive in the town. Explore this well analysis cultural voyage which has been tied in the collection and choose moments of celebration brighter & vibrant.

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