Bonanza Satrangi’s Luxury Black & White Cambric Collection 2018-19 VOl-2

Satrangi’s yet again brings another new exotic luxury dresses title “Black & White Cambric Collection ’16” working with intricate embroidery and fabrics with a dash of color. A breathtaking fusion of Black & White winter formal dresses for girls awaits you!  Bonanza presented Black & White Collection 2018 which is intensified with flawless detailing sleek cuts.  Created a dark and alluring array of ensemble, showed the range of separates in different design variations.
Bonanza Apparel Formal Luxury Suits for Women 2017 go for these bold options and brighten up your closet with he clothes in truly made for you. Latest winter cambric collection for ladies loves the artistic touch of majestic colors with embroideries. Enjoy them wearing as we enjoyed fashioning them. Women Casual Party Wear Cambric Dresses 2018 a graceful personality needs royal outfit to sparkle more; black artistically composed with the gold is surely a master piece to carry this season. 
Bonanza Satrangi’s black & White suits cotton cambric fabric discover how floral have influenced the fashion industry for the season and explore the spectrum of colors and pattern with our timeless winter collection. Hope you like Satrangi’s a luxurious, aesthetical combine of ‘Black & White’ with its Luxury Black &White Cambric Collection 2018-19 Vol-2 for ladies.









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